Last Words Before Death Of Your Loved One

What were the last words, did you miss the opportunity? That opportunity is still there.

He lay there dying and muttered the final words as his last breath drew to a close. “I love you.” Think about this statement. Can you remember the last words before death? You know, those words that were spoken by your loved one or you before they moved on to the spirit world. Maybe, you never heard those last words before death, and you think that you missed out. Perhaps you are suffering internally because you feel bad about not being there or saying goodbye. I know this from experience because I felt like this myself when my father passed. I suffered more than I really expected, and that hit me later on.

If you felt like or feel like I did, then I have some words of comfort to offer. It is a true saying that at the point of death – only the body is given up. However, a relationship continues forever. The reality is that we continue after the death of the physical form. Those words that we perhaps missed can be heard long after. It is merely your fear and your perception and learned beliefs from dogma, that perpetuates the feeling of loss. If you can’t hear or feel that now, then stay with the journey, you soon will. When you shed your cloak of illusion, your spiritual hearing and perception will open.

Conversations and living words

From my own experience, I can share that I have carried on conversations with my father, and still do to this day. In fact, I have a better relationship with him now than I ever had on this side of life. Furthermore, I got responses to my communications, but maybe not in the way you would perceive. It has been rather cathartic and has helped in my own grieving.

As men, we grieve through expectation. Our grief has a differing level of expectation from the perception of others. Throughout my years as a medium, I have found we men suffer in silence. We live with that expectation of always having to bear that stiff upper lip. That discourse is for another time.

last words before death

There are so many of us that never had that chance to say goodbye. We never heard those last words before death or we never spoke them. As a consequence, we suffer. Whether it be from something as tragic as an accident or the shock of losing a loved one to a mysterious disease, we wish our last words had an indelible effect on them.

Last Words Said Are Often Not The Words We Want To Say

Individuals who have suffered the passing of a loved one often do not get the chance to say goodbye, and often they are left with the last memories or passing words that were said.

We would all like to think the last words spoken would be about how much we love them. Perhaps even chatting about our dreams and desires. Unfortunately, it is not like that and sometimes there is a distinct lack of that emotion, perhaps our relationships were somewhat strained, and old emotions are harbored without being laid to rest. Though the desire is there, we may be at a loss for words, and therefore we cause our own suffering.

My Last Words Experience

I know; in my own case, that I never said goodbye to my father, and my own relationship with him was definitely strained. The last memory I had of him was seeing him in hospital and that was not a particularly nice experience. I remember leaving the hospital feeling that no real connection had been made, and our relationship had broken trust. Even then we were not getting along so well. From that experience, I suffered a great deal of regret and sadness as I wished that it did not end that way. As a consequence though, it has become a blessing and I am somewhat empathic to those who may have experienced a similar thing.

This experience has allowed me to teach others from my experience and with an open heart and self-compassion. I learned quickly that my last words or his last words were not the last words. In fact, I can tell you that it is an illusion, and there is no such thing as last words before the death of anyone and that is it – no more. Why? Read on.


Not everyone is a medium like me and I have been able to deal with my grief easier than most because I had the ability to communicate and see the real father that was inside and still lives. I had the connection and communication from my father that eventually helped. But, that did not come easy, so don’t think that as a medium we do not suffer. I suffered a great deal of guilt and shame over my behavior and emotions over my father’s death. However, I know that some of you have not, or perceive you have not had the connection and to make matters worse, leave words unspoken and feelings unshared. The regret of not making up or making the effort to make things right can often spiral you into a depressive state – making it harder to deal with your grief.

The Power Of Forgiveness

last words before dying

The power of forgiveness and realization of your divinity is a tremendous thing and though the life that binds the body to the earth seems to be gone, it is not and is merely the clothing that harbored that life, which is lain to rest. The realization comes to the loved one who has moved on and learns what they have done and how they may have affected lives here on earth. Your realization comes when you, in your grief journey, learn to accept things as they are and not yearn for things you perceive as gone and no more.

The bonds of love are never broken and one needs only communicate from the heart to hear final words in a loving way or to employ that power of forgiveness. Your final words are not final, and you must never feel like you have missed that opportunity to say goodbye, to forgive, or to say the words you have been longing to say. You do not need to forgive your loved one, and you do not need to forgive yourself. You only have to forgive the judgment you have placed upon yourself and your emotional point. In doing this, you release that divine power to cleanse and purify the imbalance that was created. Thus bringing harmony to a situation that was inharmonious.

Energy Of Intention and Prayer

The energy of a heartfelt prayer is enough and words are never final, for they can be carried on the energy of love that binds you. Just speaking to your loved one in your mind, or objectively, is enough for the energy to clear. Prayers are not words, but intentions, feelings, emotions, and divine power all engulfed in a blinding spiritual light.

last words of the dying

If you have not thought about this in the way I have described, then think about it and open your heart to the power of the bonds of love and say the words you have been longing to say. It is great healing power at your fingertips; leave the blanket of regret and sorrow behind. Say what you feel now and know that you will be heard and who knows a response may even come to you quicker than you expect.

Please let me know your experiences with your final words and how you transform your suffering from the experience of the last words before death of your loved ones.

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  1. This is so beautiful and millions need to hear this! Thank you! My parents lived with me. They both passed unexpectedly in 2020. I said everything I wanted to say. I talk to them still. Especially my Momma! Oh how I miss her! I have gotten signs from my Mom and Dad! Some in an event, others in a still small like voice. I’ll tell you one. My cat Baby and my Mom had this thing. He would only blow her kisses! No one else. On her one year Angelversary I said Momma are you here with me? At that moment, Baby jumped up next to me, looked at me, and blew me a kiss! Then he looked up to the ceiling and blew 6 kisses to Nana! (My Mom in Heaven)! It was beautiful!

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