Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

I have, over the years, been fortunate to be guided by the spirit with wisdom and techniques to help develop the soul. This information has been given to me to share with those whom I have met or read for, or who needed the guidance at the time. I am now further guided to share, and I have created this page as a download for all the meditations I have been given. These are given to you freely and with love in order to help you upon your spiritual journey. These guided meditations are a gift from the spirit through my own mediumship that I give to all those who seek and search for meaning in life.

This guided meditation will help you to meet your loved ones in spirit. It has been developed in a very special way and came to us through our circle. It has been developed in a special way to help those who suffer from grief.

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New Guided Meditations coming soon.

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