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You are on a spiritual journey, but it is not the spiritual journey as another. This journey is one of grief and grieving, but it can be a journey that will help you realize the power of your own divinity and prove to you that life continues and the afterlife is as real as this life. This spiritual journey can be the greatest teacher if you will allow it.

This grief blog will allow you to take your own grief journey with words that will calm the soul and comfort your heart. If you are grieving and find it difficult to cope with your grief, these articles will help you. Don’t forget to sign up for my notifications to get my free meditations. If you are grieving now and looking for support, you can apply to join our very private app and grief community for those who are grieving now. 

Grief Articles

The articles below are focussed on the grieving journey and my own research into how one copes with the loss of a loved one. These articles are there to help you understand your journey and gives you coping tools and deep insights on how you can grow spiritually through your loss.

Grief Work cover
Grief and Grieving
Evidential Spiritual Medium

Grief Work

In my many years of working as a professional medium, and carrying out my independent research into grief and the impact of grief in life.

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faith and grief
Grief and Grieving
Evidential Spiritual Medium

Faith and Grief

We have all heard the saying that faith can move mountains. However, when it comes to the grief journey, faith is a mountain that you

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