Afterlife Books and Psychic Books

Jock’s afterlife Books and psychic books are written to help, educate and guide the individual on spirituality, the afterlife, and spiritual discernment

His work has been featured globally in national and International media and respected by scientists, and researchers. Jock is regarded as an authority on spiritual discernment throughout the world. 

Jock Brocas spiritual mentor and Evidential Medium
powers of the sixth sense

Powers of the Sixth Sense

How to Keep Safe in a Hostile World: If you want to learn how to use your sixth sense and understand your inner power, this book is for you. Taken from wisdom over the years and using sixth sense power in real-life scenarios. This book could save your life.
afterlife book

Deadly Departed

The Do’s Don’ts and Dangers Of The Afterlife: Recommended as one of the best books on the afterlife and spiritual discernment. This book has been supported by leading researchers, educational institutions and paranormal researchers and those who are grieving.
Psychic Books

The Book of Six Rings

Secrets of the Spiritual Warrior, and lessons from the masters: More than a psychic book. This book brings wisdom from the masters of old. Warrior wisdom that is timeless and effective for every day living.