Need Help?

An evidential medium is a professional medium who can provide a very high standard of evidence. This evidence is such that it could stand up to scrutiny and would not be general in its delivery. Evidential Mediumship is a term thrown about loosely without any real understanding of what constitutes real evidence of the afterlife.

Yes, I do offer phone and video readings. Though in all honesty I do prefer personal interaction in my office.

Then I am sorry to tell you that I have no interest in performing for you. To me, serving those who are grieving or suffering from a spiritual crisis is more important than helping someone fulfill a fantasy, desire, or ego trip. The work I do is divine in nature and should be respected as such. There are a plethora of individuals claiming to be mediums who would knock down walls trying to get you to engage with them. 

Mediumship is not conjuring and is not a direct internet to whomever you want to look up. No one can guarantee who will come through. In reality, that is very dangerous and I explain that in my book ‘Deadly Departed‘.

We are also told chocolate cake is bad for us, but it does not stop you. The reality is that perception is false and based on perceptive dogma. The greatest feats of mediumship exist within all spiritual writings and scriptures. Only rules and regulations employed by man force the perception because of the need to control. Ask yourself, how can divine love be bad.?

Yes I will do group and family events. I will often do these as a matter of course during my retreats, but special afterlife or mediumship events can be arranged. I used to run my own church with my wife and demonstrated in churches and theatres. However, I prefer the small intimate gatherings, for that is where the greatest spiritual breakthroughs can occur.

The waiting list is predominantly built up from people who have not been recommended and who are put onto a list of people who would like a private appointment for a sitting with me and that has been built through the reputation of my professionalism. I will give preference to personal recommendations.

It is not the service of the sitting or mediumship, but the time given to the service. Just like a professional who has had a long term of development charges for the time, so too should a medium due to the same journey and principle. Furthermore, the time donated to serving people who need it, would not leave much time for other aspects of life, and that means the responsibilities of surviving in an expanding economy.