How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father


Many people who read “Deadly Departed” are surprised at how it can help someone grieving. It is not just for people who are developing mediums or paranormal experts. Though the book has a serious undertone regarding the dangers of mediumship and the afterlife, there is a deeply comforting aspect to the book, as it helps to dispel myths and teaches the grieving individual about the reality of the afterlife.

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This is one mediumship book that has been hailed by other mediums as their new bible – “The book Deadly Departed has become my bible.” Anne

Scary Mediumship Book Or A Comfort For Grief

I recently had a message from a father who lost his son and not so long ago, lost his father recently and who was a reader of Deadly Departed. Here are his own words:

“I read Deadly Departed in late 2019 after wanting to understand more about the afterlife. After meeting Jock, it was an easy decision to pick up the book. As a bereaved parent, I have clung on to the hope my Son is in a better place. 

I wasn’t prepared for what came next.  Not the context you may think. I felt a warmth reading about Jock’s ex-armed forces past which I could relate to being ex RAF.  More crucially, it was his relationship with his father that hit home.  Little did I know I would lose my own father just a matter of days later.

Comforting Words

Jock’s words gave me hope. Gave me comfort in my own time of sorrow that I could find the strength to carry on. Rather than grieve a life lost, I celebrated a life lived, fully believing we will meet again one day. I smiled amongst tears at his funeral as the most perfect snow fell onto my jacket. Heaven painting its own picture.

I cannot thank Jock enough because hope is what has got me through these last 2 weeks. Where there is even a glimmer of hope in the darkness, it’s enough for me to fight on.

Thank you. Mike.”

Many people have reservations and seem to turn away from the book, thinking that it is about the reality of the Demonic and the evil that can happen in the world. The book is so much more. Yes, it is a no hold’s barred look into the dangers of the afterlife, and rightfully so, as there are so many ignorant teachers leading students up a false path of security. Not everything in this world is roses and it certainly is not all rosy on the other side of life either.

But Deadly Departed is much more than a scary mediumship book. It is a companion to those who grieve because it comes from a place of love and respect and shows the reader the power of the spirit, and how to recognize the spirit operating in their lives. It guides you into understanding the mechanics of mediumship and how to recognize great evidential mediumship rather than mediocre intuition or psychometry.

Empower Yourself

Deadly Departed empowers the reader and sows the seed of reality – helping one to understand the afterlife and the power that you have that is inherent within you. If you approach things with a fearful or misguided perception, then you will soon find yourself in turbulent waters. More grief-stricken individuals fall into a false sense of security and attempt to connect with the other side without proper preparation, training, and understanding.

No medium has all the answers but dangerous mediumship is perpetuated by misguided ego.

Desperation Of Connection

I recently had a case where a woman who had lost a loved one was so desperate to communicate with the other side that she followed the techniques and methodology of questionable researchers with little or no real science-based practices, which left her open to influences by an intelligence much greater. This woman soon found herself in turmoil and things took a sinister tone after a considerable time. The intelligence slowly made its way into her life after gaining that trust.

I am delighted to say that with a little guidance and help, this situation has been dealt with. However, it begs the question: Would this have happened if she was better prepared and more knowledgeable? This is happening now with other people and it won’t be long before things could turn difficult.

The answer is not 100% clear as there is always going to be a danger, but it is a controlled one when you develop enough discernment through knowledge and understanding.

How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father
Mediumship Books

With well-researched and reliable guidance, this grieving woman may have experienced things differently. In her own words, “I wish I had this book in my hands years ago. I would not have suffered so much or paid out so much.”

The reality is that Deadly Departed is just as valuable to those who grieve than to developing mediums and paranormal researchers. There will always be mediums who claim everything in the garden is rosy and that is their prerogative. Just pray they do not act hastily and cause more damage to someone or a family who seriously needs help because of deep-seated grief that caused the spiritual crisis.

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