Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep!

Do not stand at my grave and weep he said as she stood by her husband’s grave weeping. The tears rolled down her cheek, and ran to her bottom lip that bore the crimson lipstick she put on this morning. He used to stand behind her as she was getting ready in the morning. Putting on that same lipstick, holding her with love around her waist and whispering in her ear. But that memory seems distant now. That won’t happen any more since he was taken from her by a hidden evil that manifested in his life. As she stood there at the grave weeping for the love she thought she would never feel again. He was right beside her. She could not feel him, she could not see him, and she could not hear him. And he said;

“Don’t stand at my grave and weep my love, I am right beside you if only you could feel me”.

They Are Alive

This seems to be the cry from most of our loved ones in the world of spirit. I have lost count of the number of times when spirit has communicated – they no longer want their loved ones to mourn by their graveside. I have many spouses, and families who sit with me, and the loved ones on the other side of life always say they do not want them to feel sad or to cry over them anymore. They will often give evidence of their survival, and tell them where exactly they were recently, and that seeing you suffer is not what they want at all.

They want to let you know they live, and that death is merely an illusion that we have become fearful of. Because we fear the hidden question will be answered in complete darkness and there will be nothing. They watch you weeping at their graves. They see you laying those flowers and touching the headstone with pain in your heart thinking they are gone!

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

I understand that, from the mourners point of view, this is very much like a sense of duty that seems to keep them going there time and time again. They feel they must go there and remember them, because that’s what is expected of you. Perhaps this sense of duty and longing is what they believe is their cord of attachment to the person that lays there. Is the grief so deep that being by the grave is the only way that you can live with that attachment you have imprisoned yourself with. It is by the graveside that you will often reveal your hidden emotions and secrets. It is also the place where you will seek forgiveness and understanding by the graveside.

Graveside Visitation

I often hear from the loved ones in spirit that each individual tends to use this visitation as a sort of confessional, where they can unburden themselves from issues that may perturb them in the present moment. Sometimes it seems of course that one would spend the time at the graveside and consider they are making up for lost time. Time they should have spent with their loved ones when they were incarnated upon this plane of existence.

Perhaps, it is then a sense of guilt that will keep the person visiting the grave. Of course, there are various reasons, and each to their own and makes their own way. It is not for us to judge, but I often find myself trying to explain to those that stand there, to look at another avenue for their grief. To recognize the power in communication, and to show them – they have that power at their disposal if only they could awaken.

It amazes me how many individuals fail to recognize that spirit is around them, and very much as alive as they were when they lived upon the material plane. They are so desperate to make themselves known again, to tell the individual or individuals whom are stricken with grief – they live on, they wish you to celebrate their birth to a new life and not the illusion we call death.

Often, they come around you when you stand by the grave, talking aimlessly about your life now and the problems you face on your own. They truly wish to unburden you and let you know the bond of love is certainly not broken in any way. Of course, if you feel that is the place that you can feel connected, then so be it. However, let me place this grim reality in your mind, but with love.

Your Grave Is Nothing More Than Material Perception

dont stand at my grave and weep

The reality is the gravestone is only stone, and the ground that you stand by or sit by the grave is nothing more than the earth. Below the earth are the remains which do not harbor the soul, nor the spirit of your loved one. Thinking they exist there is merely a false sense of security.

As the spirit throws away its earthly vessel, it continues on in the world of spirit, unsheathed of its material imperfections. It leaves behind the physical body because it has no use for its heavy energy. The spirit is light, free and expresses itself in a new plane of existence.

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

You stand, perhaps alone, talking to mortar and believing that your loved one lies sleeping until it is time for you to be reunited. If only you could realize that you can communicate with your loved ones on a regular basis. If only you realized there exists no separation from you and the bonds of love remain intact. You could touch upon that void of reckoning, to reason that you are indeed an eternal soul who remains ever so connected to the living energy that permeates all things. You would realize that you no longer have to stand at the grave and weep.

God Bless My Friends,


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