Spiritual Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Paranormal Researcher. Appeared in global media as an afterlife expert.

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Love is your power, forgiveness is the sword of truth and compassion is your shield. These are the three truth's of the universe, live with love, forgive with passion and be compassionate with understanding


Living with loss is such a tragic experience in life and often the loss of a loved one can cause tremendous heartache and sorrow as you feel you are being abandoned. Grief is one of the hardest emotions and journeys you will travel.

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Book Private, Family or Group Readings with Jock

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Jock's Books on Spirit, Intuition and the afterlife.

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Events and workshops on the afterlife, grief and the paranormal

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Paranormal research and assistance.

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Spiritual Guidance

One to one spiritual counseling and guidance.

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Its time to do some myth busting. So many developing mediums are being led down a garden path and its not thier fault, not even the teachers fault. The reality is that labels and reasons have been given for clairaudience with no substance and it leads the student into wrong development.

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These are just a few of the international magazines and media that Jock has appeared in.

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Jock’s Books are written to help educate and guide the individual on spirituality, afterlife and discernment. 

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Deadly Departed

The Do’s Dont’s and Dangers Of The Afterlife

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The Book of Six Rings

Secrets of the Spiritual Warrior, and lessons from the masters

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Powers of the Sixth Sense

How to Keep Safe in a Hostile World


I am dedicated to serving those who are suffering grief and needing help.

If you constantly go to mediums, you will not be accepted, if you are merely interested, want to test mediumship out or have heard positive things and have no real need for a sitting, please don’t apply, you will not be accepted. I serve only those in need and will not accept all for an appointment. My waiting list is substantial and you should be prepared for that. Please note, most, if not all income from sittings is donated to charity.

Please Note, the booking function has been repaired. Thank you for your understanding.

I do not believe in the afterlife, I know there's an afterlife and my life is intertwined with it.

Jock Brocas


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What My Clients Think!



“Jock is amazing words can not really explain it he can tell you things no one in the world can know other then yourself he is the real deal i was happy with my reading all i can say is trust me if you have any thought of is this real is and worth it when you do a reading with him you will be blown away as i was”

Adele Barclay


“Well I was very excited about getting a reading from Jock but nothing could have prepared me for how good the reading was from him. I was going through a hard time in my life and this reading not only made things clear in my head but it gave me an understanding on how to cope”



“Jock, is truly amazing. He provided names of my family members and a very dear friend who passed away several years ago. Not only that, he provided verification so that I would know it was my Dad and others speaking to me. His messages were right on the button. He is genuine, funny and very compassionate.”

Recent Articles

Recent Articles

How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father

How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father

11 Feb 2020

Many people who read "Deadly Departed" are surprised at how it can...

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I Will Be Thankful For Today

01 Jul 2019

“I will be thankful for today for I may not be here...

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Jock Brocas is available for private appointments for families, groups and individuals. Please note there is a long waiting list and appointments are not always granted. You can also book Jock for speaking engagements and lectures on the afterlife and the paranormal.

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