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Jock Brocas is considered an expert on grief and has done a lot of research in this area, making him one of the most respectable authorities. His groundbreaking work as a grief coach and mentor has not only cast new light on this often misunderstood experience but also provided a pathway to transformation for countless individuals and families. 

Jock is also a celebrated speaker, captivating audiences with his enlightening lectures on grief, the afterlife, and the paranormal. His powerful presentations, grounded in rigorous research and deep empathy, serve as vital dialogues for those seeking to understand these profound aspects of human experience. Beyond his work in grief research and public speaking, Jock has made significant strides in the field of evidential mediumship.

He has been tirelessly exploring the mysterious afterlife and has gained attention from media all over the world, making him respected in both national and international press.

Despite the high demand for his services, he offers exclusive private consultations primarily on a referral basis. People seek him out for his ability to blend research and understanding, creating a space that promotes connection and healing. This is true for individuals, families, and groups alike.

Whether you’re dealing with the pain of losing someone or looking to explore the mysteries of what happens after we die, Jock Brocas is an expert who can guide you with compassion and insight.

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Highly Evidential Medium & Spiritual Teacher.

Jock is recognized globally as a spiritual mentor and grief coach who shares life changing wisdom developed over many years. He is also recognized as a highly evidential medium and works more scientifically. He has an extensive waiting list and only accepts individuals who have referrals and recommendations. Booking an appointment does not guarantee you will get one.

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