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Breaking The Veil Between Two Worlds

Jock Brocas, known for his evidential mediumship and tireless research into the afterlife and grief has also appeared in global media and is a respected writer for national and international media. He is available for private appointments for families, groups and individuals. Please note there is a long waiting list and appointments are not always granted. Furthermore, Jock primarily only works on referral. You can also book Jock for speaking engagements and lectures on the afterlife and the paranormal.

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Highly Evidential Medium & Spiritual Teacher.

Jock is recognized as a highly evidential medium and works more scientifically. He has an extensive waiting list and works on referrals and recommendations. Booking an appointment does not guarantee you will get one.

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Grief Work cover

Grief Work

In my many years of working as a professional medium, and carrying out my independent research into grief and the impact of grief in life.

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faith and grief

Faith and Grief

We have all heard the saying that faith can move mountains. However, when it comes to the grief journey, faith is a mountain that you

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