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Deadly Departed Afterlife Book

The Do’s Don’ts and Dangers Of Afterlife Communication

Recognized as an afterlife book that not only helps those who are grieving, but developing mediums, researchers, and paranormal enthusiasts. Developing Afterlife communication is not without its hazards. This book is a must-read for those willing to recognize and avoid the dark side of the practice of mediumship or who are curious about the subject.

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For anyone who needs to understand what has happened to them, to a hospitalized patient or a family member who has experienced mediumistic psychosis, this book is a must-read.

Jock Brocas has provided an intricate guide in this book for professional mediums, developing mediums and prospective mediums alike to alert them to the important responsibility they have toward their clients during the demonstration of their mediumship....This book is important to all mediums and potential mediums that are serious about avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that confront them in the demonstration and practice of their Mediumship.

Annalise C – Phd

I have searched long and hard for a writer who acknowledges the existence of evil in all its forms, and then dissects these forms from a place of knowing. Jock writes from personal experience as a medium and a demonologist, not only of the dangers posed but of the means for protection. This is a tour de force.

Helene Says

I found this book to be a complete eye-opener. I always knew there were dangers in dealing with the afterlife, but I also understand what it means to have evidence of the afterlife. This book is a must-read to get a good grounding into mediumship, the afterlife, and even demons and hauntings. I stopped reading at night and decided to read during the day. There are some scary things inside but also a great deal of comfort to anyone grieving. A must-have 5 stars!

Kristin A Gilbert

This book is written by a true expert and leader! Jock Brocas shares expert guidance from years of experience with physical mediumship, he delivers what he would have liked to know In his formative development. He has been called a true innovator of physical mediumship by his peers, so you’ll want to get your copy of “Deadly Departed” today.

Nicole Tiffany Cruz

As an open-minded but rigorously scientific person, I was impressed by Jock’s evidential approach. As a five sensory individual, it opened my eyes to an entire world of experiences mostly unknown to me. After finishing the book I feel I now have a deep appreciation for and baseline understanding of mediumship.


This book is one to read and reread and keep for reference. Jock Brocas knows what he is talking about and writes about the subjects in a clear understandable way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is on their personal spiritual journey and of course anyone who will work as a medium, is a medium or aspires to serve between the two worlds.