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Living With Grief On The Grieving Journey

Jock Brocas is a highly respected medium, author, and grief speaker who has dedicated his career to researching and understanding the complex emotions and experiences of grief, the grief process and the grieving journey. With a deep understanding of the human psyche, the impact of grief and the spiritual realm, Jock has become a noted grief expert, who specializes in helping people navigate the arduous journey of grief and find peace and spiritual growth. This goes way beyond the capacity of conducting mediumship sittings. He actively works toward educating those who are on the path of grief and to ignite spiritual growth within them. He runs a grief support community for those on the grieving journey.

Grief Experience

Jock is no stranger to grieving and has experienced different kinds of grief and loss at almost all levels, which have honed his understanding and fueled his research to date. Living with grief is difficult and Jock has learned to grow through his own living with grief and grieving experience. With a deep knowledge on grief work and what it means, he comes from a place of authentic experience and not theoretical knowledge. He can empathize with the experience of grievers no matter who they are and what belief they have. This empathy is unmatched and expressed throughout all of Jock’s speaking grief engagements. 

Conversations About Grief

Many people are terrified to have conversations about grief. In fact, we live in a grief avoidant society. There’s a deep-seated fear that washes over anyone who is in the company of someone who has lost a loved one and is on that grieving journey. Instead of helping them through their darkest moments, they turn away. 

Jock works to create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance in which people can express their experience with grief. He does this by taking a compassionate, non-judgmental approach, understanding that everyone’s experience with loss is unique. He actively engages with his audience and not only tells stories but listens to the stories being shared, as well as offers comfort and support when needed.

Misconceptions about grief and grieving

There are many community grief programs out there who support the idea of having a conversation around grief and the grieving process. However, many of the community grief programs actually fall into the trap of mass misconceptions around grief based on theory and data and analysis from untested sources.

Grief Speaker


Are you looking for an engaging and wise grief speaker? Book Jock for his program on speaking grief and living with grief.

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Jock’s speaking Grief and The Human Experience

As a sought-after speaker, Jock has given talks to groups large and small, sharing his knowledge and experience with empathy and compassion. His insights into the grieving process and his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level have made him a beloved and highly effective speaker. 

It only takes one Deep insight to transform your life and perspective. This can often come in one of Jock’s talks which can often negate time spent with a grief counselor or grief specialist who knows only theory and has little experience. Jock is also engaging and brings a joy to what is normally a negative emotion to tackle. Jock’s passion is to ensure his talks on grief and the grieving journey is a transformative experience for all who would listen. 

Grief Speaks Up From Experience

Jock has real experience of grief and the impact of grief, and during his talks he will discuss the various misconceptions about grief. He explains how society often imposes unrealistic expectations on people who are grieving, expecting them to ‘get over’ their sorrow within a certain timeframe or to simply ‘move on.’ Jock will explore why this view of grief is wrong and damaging, and why it’s important for all to understand those who are grieving.


In addition to his speaking engagements o grief and spiritual growth, Jock is also the host of the popular podcast “Pillars of Grief,” where he explores various aspects of grief and offers guidance and support to his listeners. Through his writing and speaking, Jock has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, helping them find hope and comfort in the midst of their grief.

Whether speaking to groups or connecting with individuals one-on-one, Jock’s kindness, wisdom, and compassion make him an exceptional resource for anyone who is struggling with the pain of loss.

So if you are you looking for an engaging and wise grief speaker? Book Jock for his program on speaking grief and living with grief. Let’s have genuine conversations about grief and increase our grief awareness through understanding and education.

Jock Brocas is the perfect choice. With his years of experience as a medium, author, and speaker, Jock has a deep understanding of the emotional and spiritual aspects of grief, and is able to connect with his audience on a personal level. Jock has experienced deep grief and understands what living with grief can entail. He maintains that you cannot heal from grief, but you can journey through grief.

Whether you’re looking to host a small workshop or a large-scale event, Jock has the skills and expertise to deliver a powerful and moving talk that will leave your audience feeling inspired and empowered. His compassion, kindness, and wisdom make him an exceptional resource for anyone who is seeking to find hope and healing in the midst of their grief. Book Jock as your next speaker, and give your audience the gift of insight and understanding that will stay with them long after your event is over.

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