Dealing With Suicide Loss Of A Loved One

Are you Dealing WIth Suicide?

The suicide loss of a loved one does not have to mean a relationship like a sibling member. It could just as well be a very close friend. However, dealing with suicide loss is more convoluted and causes more grief. The loss that one feels is immense because you often experience that loss as if it were an empty void in your life that can never be filled. The void you feel hurts just as much as physical pain, and you never feel it will stop, you will never be given the reprieve from the jail sentence that you have given yourself. Yes, you read that right, you create your own prison because of misguided perceptions. To make matters worse, you often feel shame and guilt from that loss. Your mind races and you beat yourself up thinking you could have and should have done more.

The Questions You Ask About Suicide Loss and The Choices You Have in Dealing With Suicide Loss!

When your loved one or the individual that is close to you makes the choice to take their own life, you also have a choice on how you accept it. You have the capacity to become aware and to choose how you will respond. If you consider that you could ask advice from the spirit world, what do you think your loved ones would say to you? Would they blame you? No! So why do you play the blame and shame game yourself?

They would want you to move forward, because, after all, they would want you to be happy, and they realize that life indeed continues. They are continuing on the other side of life, and they are not suffering as they were on this side of life.

The Experience Of Dealing With Suicide

dealing with suicide

Many experience grief in different ways, the pain of a romance gone wrong, or more often than not, the shame and guilt you feel because you thought you could have done more or that you could have been a nicer person. Perhaps you miss those small things that once annoyed you, and now you want to experience them again. No matter the emotions, you tether yourself to, they cause you pain, and your pain is very real indeed.

What if your loved one took their own life and you and your immediate circle of friends who follow some religious belief system that states, they go to hell – believe that because that’s what you have been told to believe? Imagine, if you will, the shackles you have just created for yourself and locked yourself in. You have laid the foundations of your own prison of self.

Not only do you have to contend with the pain of grief, but you have just caused further suffering to your soul because of your misguided beliefs and perceptions of others. You probably would have negative shameful thoughts consistently running through your mind because you love them, and you do not want them to suffer, but now you feel a sense of responsibility. With that, comes the sense of guilt that consumes you like a flame burning through the wood on the fire.

Shameful Grief Caused Illness

I know of one such individual that even drove themselves to illness because she just could not get over her son killing himself, and as far as she was told, he has gone to hell for taking his life. She wondered if there was a way out and if her son would ever go to heaven. Obviously, this individual came to have a private sitting with me in secret because of the judgment she would have faced by those in religious power. In the end, she was delighted to hear her son was alive and well in spirit, and sitting with her was like having a coffee with her son.

Before some of you religious zealots come out of the woodwork and spout off ‘the devil appears as a being of light.’ I get it, and I understand it, far more than you think. However, remember this: cloaking a being of light can only work temporarily, because the light of divinity and love cannot be withstood by them, and so they show themselves as whom they really are within a short time, and this is partly how we learn to discern.

Time For Suicide Loss Truth Bombs!

Dealing With Suicide Loss Of A Loved One

I would like to allay your fears a little, and though some of you may read this and find it difficult to believe, I know that many of you will gain great comfort and succor from what I teach.

Your loved ones continue to live on in the spirit world in peace, harmony, and love. Any hurt or misguided things they may have done have been healed and are long forgotten.

There is no hell, you create this hell for yourself. In fact when people cry out that hell is spoken about in the bible and that’s the proof – they are wrong. Like lambs to the slaughter, they are led to the Penn by wolves in sheep’s clothing. The reality is the bible has been manipulated over and over to serve the rulers and politics of the day (read Deadly Departed for more). This means that many meanings have been distorted. The hell spoken about in the bible was in fact Gehenna which is considered the place of misery and a real place outside the walls of Jerusalem in the times of Christ. The paradigm of this has changed over and over – causing some controversy. However, the basis of argument in Judaism comes from the term Shaol, which meant;

“the land of gloom and deep darkness” (Job 10:21). In Sheol, the good and the wicked shared a common fate, much as they had in the Babylonian underworld. The place did not conjure up images of an afterlife, for nothing happened there.

As a consequence, I would just like to reiterate that point once more. Even if you believe there is a hell, your loved ones do not, and I repeat, do not – go to hell if they take their own lives or if they die tragically and have never asked for forgiveness. How do you know?

Evidence In Truth

dealing with suicide

I have given confirmation of this to many people who have suffered due to misguided perceptions and the evidence that has been relayed from the world of spirit by loved ones has given the required proof needed. Furthermore, I have been able to discern the subtle differences in spirit energy and know what is love and what is not. Therefore, I know, because of the evidence witnessed, and the love felt as well as my own historical and parapsychological research.

Life Continues

The comfort that is derived from knowing that life continues and that your loved ones are around is worth its weight in Gold. From the many people I have seen, I can only really imagine how terrible the feeling and anguish that someone goes through believing that even more suffering is going on beyond the grave. The relief that one feels when they realize this ideological belief of hell torturing innocent souls is wrong, brings an immeasurable amount of healing.

She Healed Her Misguided Belief Of Suicide and Grief

Allow me to relay a small story of how one Mother’s anguish and grief were healed by her own realization. I will use a pseudonym to maintain the integrity of the individuals concerned. Margaret came to me after some persuading from a friend. She was a religious woman and had no belief in mediums or psychics. She was of the opinion that all were frauds – out to rip innocent people off. The only reason that Margaret really wanted to try and have a sitting was that she was suffering tremendously from the belief that her son Andrew was in hell for taking his own life.

She came into my office and sat down, a very nervous woman, and she just waited. I knew nothing of her or that she had a son who committed suicide. Her son was immediately there and told her that she was with her yesterday when she placed a single rose on his grave. He also gave the street name of where his sister had just moved to and began to give further evidence of his life in the past and what was happening with his mother now. The evidence that Margaret received was astounding from the world of spirit.

The only downside of this whole episode for Margaret was the fact that she questioned what she had been taught and after realizing that her son was indeed in heaven, she began the healing journey through grief. She looked at the world with different eyes.


If any of you are reading this, you may at some point come and have a sitting with me and experience this yourself. However, I hope you will take the lesson from this small article. Life continues and your loved ones who may have taken their own lives most certainly do not suffer in the next life. They are not judged, they do not suffer in the illusion of a fiery pit, and often they are calling out to you from the other side of life and sending you signs. Your belief in misguided dogmatic perception causes you far more suffering.

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  1. My Brother Drew died by Suicide. Thanks for sharing this. This stigma about suicide sucks! People said horrible things to me. Looked at me odd when they found out how he passed. At my home church, one Pastor told me he is in Heaven. I believe that most of the time. The church drills this into our heads about hell. I left Organized Religion recently. I say I’m a Spiritual person now. Maybe one day I can speak with you and Drew will show up!

  2. My daughter committed suicide in January of this year after suffering badly through the depraved amoral COVID lockdowns.
    She clearly hasn’t gone to hell because she visits us every couple of days. She makes her presence known by making a light in our house, which sits next to her ashes, “switch on” for about 5-15 minutes at a time, and often in response to a request to appear or when a favourite song is played, that kind of thing. It doesn’t shine at full brightness but glows in an energised state.
    I cannot know but I suspect that she is also choosing to not go on to other places, we were a very close and loving family, so perhaps she wishes to be close, help us through our grief, continue to share some of our life, perhaps.
    I am undergoing medium training myself because I would like to communicate more comprehensively than just a light, I want to know how she’s doing, etc and I would prefer to do it directly if at all possible, rather than through a third party.
    It’s a horrific time and I have never known pain even remotely approaching this but I am sincerely thankful that she has strove so determinedly to contact her family, open our mind to the spiritual world and help guide us through this nightmare.

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. You certainly do not need to train to be a medium to be able to connect with your loved ones just as easily. It is already within you, and you just need to understand. I do feel your daughter would be there in visitation and not grounded as you suspect.

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