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When you buy deadly departed, you get so much more than a book on your shelf or in your kindle or Ipad. You get the opportunity to join the closed readers group where you can interact with the author, take part in live webinars and request lessons on afterlife subjects. Perhaps you are a medium, a developing medium, paranormal researcher or even someone who is grieving and wants to learn more about the afterlife including how to stay safe, then you will find the group an invaluable resource and community. 

All you need to do is to Buy Deadly Departed, proof your purchase with a photo with you and the book and join our growing community.

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Very much too often for example you find a lot of 'rainbow-bridge'-spiritualism, but much less about problematic states in which spiritual seekers slip into without their guilt, and which are undenieable and complicated conditions, about which we have to be educated. This book does that. And it does much more, it is a compendium of a thorough nature in different regards and it is always honest. Even somebody like me who has read everything in the last 30 years has found a lot of interesting passages I was really stunned by reading it - to once more finding out learning is never over and specifically not with this very versatile book! Give it a Go!

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In this way, the book provides a pleasing and effective presentation, alternating between didactic passages and personal stories. The book is comprehensive in its coverage of mediumship related topics. What is unique about this book on an old subject is the author's interweaving of material on the development of psychic ability. This dimension of the book then provides guidance to someone who may have stumbled on psychic ability via a mediumship type of experience, yet wishes to develop that ability and use it for other purposes. In this way, the author provides something of value to a particular type of reader who might not have expected such a bounty.

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How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father

How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father

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I Will Be Thankful For Today

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Awareness and Change

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