Do They Miss Us In The Spirit World

Posted on Aug 20, 2017

grief and the afterlife

A question from a grieving mother regarding her grief and loss was the catalyst to my guide TC giving the following answer. I have detailed the question and the answer in both text and visual form that anyone who may find comfort from the words will find immediate peace.

have a question that's really playing on my mind ,do our passed loved ones pine and miss us as much as we do them .also do they miss there life as it was before xxxxx

— feeling heartbroken.

They do not pine and miss us, for no time exists in the world of the spirit and they know that a reunion will be soon enough. They do not miss their life as it was, and that is because of the beauty and majesty of the world beyond, it is our real home, it is the reality of who we are "spirit having a human experience" and not the other way around. To those who are in the spirit, this...

Afterlife Connect Is Launched

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

afterlife connect
I am delighted to report the Launch of Afterlife Connect ( ). This was my own personal project that I developed to ensure the public who were looking for mediums, only find reputable mediums. The second reason was to offer a platform where churches could promote themselves and help to increase their members, whilst helping to educate those interested in the afterlife and development. The last reason was to offer a special marketing platform where only professional mediums could promote their work and to ensure they were found by those looking for them. It was a very long time in development and has been launched a couple of months back. Since then, it has grown and more and more mediums and churches are venturing over. We aim to offer free lectures and webinars to our members without the sales pitch of anything at the end, just good old fashioned knowledge to...

Voices From Beyond Or Possession

Posted on Jun 12, 2016


Dr Ruth Wilson a junior doctor hears voices – a male voice that slowly begins to oppress her, trying to control her will and suggesting that she commits acts that are otherwise against her own nature. Doctors are convinced that this is a psychological issue but is there another hypothesis? Deanna Laney has murdered her children because the voices told her to do it and Andrea Yates killed her children by drowning them in a bathtub.

Can demonic forces take over and control an individual, causing them to commit a wicked act of murder or other criminal act. Satan’s minions are on the prowl again and have managed to influence a woman named Deanna Laney. In the name of God; she has taken the lives of her two young sons by stoning them to death in an almost Biblical fashion. I believe the demonic laugh of success echoes her mind to this day – torturing her day and night. She now...

Safety By Intuition

Posted on Jun 12, 2016

sixth sense

"Your safety, your intuition"

“When you have overcome your fear, you are calm. When you are calm, you can exercise awareness. When you are aware, you can listen to your sixth sense, your intuition. Only then are you really alive!!!”

We all have a sixth sense and by unlocking your sixth sense , you can become your own protector and personal adviser. You will listen to yourself before you do anything, and your mind and body will give you the answer or show you how to protect yourself. Listening to your intuition will save your life.

Most people have had experiences such as walking into a bar or a building where there has been a disturbance and the atmosphere seems charged. Your body and your mind will usually give you some indication that this place is not safe and you should leave. This is not as difficult to explain as you might think. Every fuelled...

Paranormal Activity

Posted on Jun 11, 2016


The Interest in séances, Ouija boards and spirit communication has risen thanks to TV shows such as Most Haunted and our haunted lives. These shows have also given birth to ignorance and the problems that have arisen from these foolhardy attempts to dabble in the paranormal. Consequently, they have destroyed lives. Walk into any spiritualist church and they will tell you that there is no entity such as Satan and demons do not exist; it is merely a wandering or grounded spirit looking for help. The truth is different and ignorance does not afford you safety. Demons do exist and the darker side of the paranormal is very dangerous. A simple quasi attempt to communicate with a discarnate entity or dabble in aspects of the occult without the proper protection will undoubtedly open a pandora’s box of problems.

More often than not you will certainly not recognize the signs and...

Non Judgmental Duality

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

non judgement

Let’s face facts; we live in a world of duality where judgement is the norm of the everyday man or woman. Our understanding comes from one which complements the other. We would never understand rich if we did not experience poor, we see beauty only because we judge ugly and truth is in contrast to a lie. It is the yin and yang with all things but without the natural balance, for the duality is as one and at oneness with the universal consciousness. In understanding good, we recognize the evil and see that as opposites they are in fact a duality. In looking at an individual we make assumptions and label in a world driven by judgements – one man may have intelligence but stupidity exists only because we make a judgment on intellect and so you understand that our world is full of duality and labels.

Our natural world

The natural world around us knows no duality and...

The Domino Effect

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

domino effect

The domino effect is not a science but a truth that is as old as the laws of the universe. It is universal knowledge and a gift for all of humankind – it’s a gift that we can all give and costs nothing, but the effects can be staggering. Why the domino effect? Stand a domino on its end and continue to set up all the dominos that you can gather. Perhaps create a pattern or an elaborate design or provoke many effects such as lighting, fireworks and explosions. As the first domino falls towards the other, you will hear the gentle tick of all others following in unison like the footsteps of a platoon or marching band. As each falls in perfect timing with its natural force of energy carrying the impetus, so does each of the affects that you may have set up. In the end you create a masterpiece of physical science and a sense of achievement that you have completed something spectacular....