Mediumship Readings

I predominantly do not offer a plethora of services and color them in fancy terms to give you the illusion that you are getting something rather special. I conduct mediumship readings and they are based around 2 aspects, one to one and group readings.

If you would like to book any of these spirt led mediumship readings, then please click on the boxes and read about the type of readings and what you can expect from me. 

Personal Readings

One to One Reading in person or on phone.

One To One

All readings are confidential and can be held either on phone, by camera link or at office location.
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Group Readings

Family or small group mediumship readings.

Group Readings

All readings are confidential. Group readings can be held in office or in home or event space.
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Readings 1

I Will Be Thankful For Today

“I will be thankful for today for I may not be here tomorrow. I will be thankful for tomorrow at the end of the day.” TC TC Tweet Think on this for the moment! How profound is this statement? This statement was given to me by my spirit guide when I was going through a

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Readings 2

Awareness and Change

Awareness and Change Awareness to Change Do you really believe that everyone can change his or her lives for the better, or is one stuck within the rut they find themselves in, bound by environmental circumstances, judgements or external influence? Of course you can and it takes only one decision, but before that decision comes

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power of prayer

How To Pray

I find myself considering the power of prayer increasingly, and watching people and how they pray. I have been astounded at how individuals see prayer or believe what prayer is, also how they promote prayer or even show off prayer in public. What is prayer?  Prayer is the adjoining of your mind, your body and

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