Group Mediumship

Group readings or group mediumship, which is also known as gallery readings are small and intimate and often better than big demonstrations in churches or in theatres. Gallery-type readings often mean the medium can spend more intimate time giving messages to as many people as possible. Group mediumship is often arranged in small hotel conference rooms or rooms in business centers. Rarely is a group gallery type mediumship arranged in people’s homes. Jock is often available for small intimate group mediumship readings and this can be arranged upon request.

Small Intimate Mediumship Gathering

Having a small intimate group gathering is rather special, not only for those in attendance but also for those loved ones that are waiting on the other side of life. 

This event is conducted over several hours and depending on the requirements could also blend into a spiritual development workshop. More often than not, everyone will get something out of it in some way, but no one is guaranteed a mediumship reading. A group gathering is still conducted in a scientific way, and therefore ensuring a particular spirit comes through is impossible, and cannot be guaranteed.

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