Jock, is truly amazing. He provided names of my family members and a very dear friend who passed away several years ago. Not only that, he provided verification so that I would know it was my Dad and others speaking to me. His messages were right on the button. He is genuine, funny and compassionate. You will love him to bits - so don't hesitate to make an appointment. He is very gifted.

My husband and I had an incredible session with Jock. We have been to mediums before but nothing prepared us for what felt like an evening sitting in the same room as our loved ones who had passed. We were blown away by the details Jock brought through of people from the other side. There were two loved ones in particular who passed that the session was more geared to however others popped in here and there and the precision continued the whole night. The room felt like it was FILLED with love and as I mentioned before, it was as if our loved ones were sitting in the room with us. I wanted to bottle up that feeling and take it with me at the end of the session.

Jock is a compassionate man filled with joy. He clearly loves what he does, has a wonderful sense of humor and makes you feel completely comfortable with the process. It is extremely comforting knowing that our loved ones are with us all the time. They are in our lives. All we need to do is talk to them and they will answer. I highly recommend having a session with Jock. You will come away smiling, amazed, content and your heart filled with love and joy. I look forward to my next session!!!

Angie & Mike

I think Jock is an excellent medium. He spent many hours, warmly and friendly talking to me and was spot on. He said so many names of my relatives , details, also name of places and streets in my foreign language. The reading gave me comfort and reassured me that I can connect and stay in touch with my deceased relatives.
I would defenetly see him again.

Thank you, Jock!

Dimitrina Petrova

Comforting, is the perfect word to describe the experience. It's so great to know my family is always with me in spirit, and It helps to solidify my own personal dilemmas. I appreciate the honesty, truth, and patience from the experience, and take as much positivity from it as possible. It helps me to know that my intuition, and spirit are alive, and the readings help make it possible for me to understand my spirituality on a deeper level.

The evidence supported throughout the experience was very accurate. Most times so accurate, that it’s unbelievable- in a good way. Many times I got what I call “goose bumps” just by what Jock would say and how true it was to my life.

Thank you Jock for everything!  

Jacy Ann

I had been struggling for over 8 years with grief due to my mother’s questionable passing. I needed questions answered due to unsettling circumstances that arose a couple of years ago. I tried going to Cassadaga, but that was a miss for me. I tried to convince myself that I got the information I needed (more for the sake of my family); but soon realized I had not. I felt like such a burden to everyone because I could not move on and let this go. I could see this tearing my family apart and myself. I knew I had to do something so I started searching the internet and found Jock. After a lot of research and due diligence, I emailed him and we arranged an appointment.

From the moment we met, he made me feel comfortable and like I was a friend coming over to hang out and talk. As soon as he began, I knew he was the real deal. He immediately shared intimate details that only my mom and I knew. Some things our family had just talked about days prior; there was no way anyone could know. I felt such a presence of pure peace and joy; nothing I can explain - the weight of 8 years crumbled and I finally feel I can move on. Knowing she truly is around me is so empowering. I cannot express in words, what he did for me and my fatnily.

Not only did Mom come through, many members of my family including our precious dog, Mr. Poops made their presence! This shocked me as my daughter and I just talked about this days prior. An amazing thing was that my best friends’ mother that recently passed came through and I felt so blessed to be able to be that link for her. He had a message for my daughter; his message helped empower her to follow her dreams and believe in herself; even if others do not. As a mother, you see your child hurting, and it kills you when you cannot fix it for them. I saw her let go and give herself permission to be who she is and wants to be instead of what others expect or think she should be.

Thank you Jock, for helping her move on and connect with her Grammie; I can never express what you did for us that day. I guess this proves our loved ones are really here with us and the three of us will always be ‘bethree musketeers” as we always called ourselves!

I always had a fear of dying, like most people, due to the unknown. I know that now I have nothing to fear and they will be there waiting to guide us when we do finally cross over. I can now move forward and LIVE my life in the present, enjoy my family and treasure the memories I have and will continue to make everyday! If you have any reservations in doing this, DON’T. Jock is the most rewarding experience you could ever gift yourself.

Karen Trawick

Karen Trawick

I had an amazing reading with Jock. My husband and Mother came through for the reading. Truly our loved ones are around us. So many things were discussed that were so personal to myself and family. I am feeling so much peace and contentment since my reading. My reading was almost two hours. I had a FaceTime reading, which is just as good for anyone living at a distance.I would recommend a reading with Jock for anyone looking to reach out to loved ones in spirit. Teresa Seliga

Teresa Seliga

Jock is amazing words can not really explain it he can tell you things no one in the world can know other then yourself he is the real deal i was happy with my reading all i can say is trust me if you have any thought of is this real is and worth it when you do a reading with him you will be blown away as i was


I grew up in the Christian church and have been spiritual for as long as I can remember. However, as I grew older and became an adult I had trouble balancing my beliefs with my intellectual knowledge about the world. Mediumship was not something that I embraced and yet the death of my grandmother affected me deeply. I finally decided to have a professional sitting with Jock and the information that was relayed from my grandparents on both sides was remarkable, and what would seem insignificant to some, was some of the best validating evidence of the afterlife. Incidents, names, dates and evidence of my loved ones around me in my daily life has been enough for me to accept the afterlife is real. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from grief to come and have a professional sitting with Jock Brocas.