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spiritual Medium Jock BrocasWelcome to the website of Spiritual medium, author and speaker Jock Brocas. Within the pages of this site you can find out about the work of a Spiritual Medium and what real mediumship is all about. This site aims to be educational in nature and aims to help the reader or even those who attend Jock’s events to become better individuals, to believe, conceive and achieve. We are all searching for something and life throws adversity at us time and time again, but the truth remains constant. “ It is not how you live your life, it is how your life is lived” Jock Brocas Your life is a spiritual journey and it is one that is eternal. Learn to live your best life now, recognize that your loved ones that have passed over are closer now than they ever were before. Tragedy and life issues are merely temporary states within your life and knowing you have a choice makes life a little easier, it is time to live your best life in the here and now.

Spiritual Mediumship and Grief

As a spiritual medium, there is a great deal of responsibility to maintain the highest ethical standards of mediumship and to ensure that the messages given help heal a grieving heart. Grief can be debilitating and therefore the services of a professional spiritual medium helps the individual to heal by receiving messages of love from the other side and messages that are evidential and scientifically based. It is a common misconception that spiritual mediums are there for entertainment. This is so far from the truth. Mediumship is a gift that we all have though some have more of an ability than others to communicate with discarnate spirits. Conversely, there is a great void between psychic ability and natural mediumship and very often, Individuals may consider themselves mediums when in actuality they are merely using Intuition. So how can you determine what is real mediumship? You can find the answers here within this site and within the ASSMPI.


Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats are available in various US locations. Each retreat is based on the afterlife or spiritual development

Online Courses

I am in the process of developing online development courses based on video lessons over several months. This is by application and is assmpi approved.

Spiritual Readings

Please note that mediumship readings are available and by strict application and appointment. There is a waiting list.

Group Readings

Group Readings are available for families or small groups. This is hosted at a hotel or other establishment.


Keep in touch and perhaps come to one of my events throughout USA. Events are published well in advance and can also be arranged.


If you need help of a spiritual nature such as a potential paranormal event or perhaps an investigation needing confidentiality.

  • Firstly, it was so weird how I heard about him – a colleague of mine was having a reading when, hey presto, out of the blue, my Mum barged through with a message for me! WOW. I managed to get an appointment with Jock Brocas (a rare opportunity for anyone – so I grabbed it immediately!) I was gobsmacked! The information which Jock gave me was truly accurate and breathtaking and I was totally amazed and intrigued by the depth of the information he passed through from “the other side”.

  • Before going to Jock Brocas I was a complete sceptic and thought psychics and mediums were frauds, I’m an ex soldier and we just ‘don’t do that kind of thing’. I was blown away by his accuracy and his mediumship skills when he passed on much needed words of comfort and advice from my loved ones who had past over. Jock was able to recount things from my past and present that only I could’ve known. Jock Brocas is the real deal and highly accurate.

    Jim - Soldier Scotland
  • Thank you for your reading which, as a sceptic and having had a couple of disappointing readings before, left me amazed and awestruck. My feelings and belief following my reading was one of enlightenment and has changed my perception completely! I definitely would have no hesitation in recommending other sceptics to you.Yours in spirit!

  • The facts were just so precise,its truly jaw dropping! If you come across Jock Brocas name while looking for medium /psychic I strongly advise you that you found him for a reason,just as I did,so have the faith in yourself to contact him for a reading,you will be so happy you did,just as I am.

  • I have had readings by several mediums over the years, some very good and some charlatans but the reading I had with Jock Brocas was one of the best I have ever had. Jock Brocas uses a scientific approach when doing a reading and delivered very accurate facts, he gave no initials just names, surnames, addresses and who they were connected to.

  • Well I was very excited about getting a reading from Jock but nothing could have prepared me for how good the reading was from him.

    I was going through a hard time in my life and this reading not only made things clear in my head but it gave me an understanding on how to cope and move forward which made me feel so much more confident in myself again.

    So many spirits came to me through Jock which was not only amazing but very comforting. Jock was so accurate with the names of people past and present in my life, street names and information he knew and passed on from the spirits which was not only breathtaking but very real. I could not believe the evidence he produced from the spirits as I know no one else could know this information unless it was through people close to you in the spirit world.

    All my questions and worries were spoken about so I now feel healed and reassured about my life again.

    When speaking with Jock I felt so comfortable as he is so easy to talk to and is a great character. I have and would definitely recommend a sitting with Jock to anyone.

    Adele Barclay
Do not apply for a sitting if you are only interested in whether you are having a new boyfriend/girlfriend. Also only apply if you really need help and be aware there is a waiting list and not everyone who applies will get a reading.