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Living with loss is such a tragic experience in life and often the loss of a loved one can cause tremendous heartache and sorrow as you feel you are being abandoned. To hear evidence of the continuation of life after the death of the physical body can bring so much comfort and help those who suffer from grief or who have been grieving for a considerable time. Grief knows no bounds and has no particular timescale. Every individual copes with grief in different ways and each is unique to that individual.

The reality of the afterlife is not just a fantasy or something that is entertainment for a Saturday night, it is a very real science and one that can have profound effects within the lives of those who are suffering from grief. It is like a cool glass of water in a desert with tremendous heat. It brings comfort and closure to those left behind. 

Evidential Mediumship is no easy task and is not something that should be taken lightly. I am an evidential medium.

I am dedicated to serving those who are suffering grief and needing help. If you constantly go to mediums, you will not be accepted, if you are merely interested or have heard positive things and have no real need, please don't apply, you will not be accepted. I serve only those in need and will not accept all for an appointment. My waiting list is substantial and you should be prepared for that.

Please note, most, if not all income from sittings is donated to charity.

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Far far away, behind the mountains.


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Far far away, behind the mountains.


Far far away, behind the mountains.


Deadly Departed - The Do's Dont's and Dangers Of The Afterlife.

This is the new book due out late spring early summer 2017 by Jock Brocas - Evidential Medium. The book is one of the most indepth mediumship books to date - focussing on development, dangers and afterlife communication as well as subject matter not normally talked about. Learn about real mediumship, physical mediumship and the realities and responsabilities. 

Is possession real? are there really dangers such as demon oppression? Find out!

This Book Is Worth The Wait!

Truly remarkable evidence and the best afterlife evidence I have ever received from any medium. I was given names first and second, places, events and so much more. I am dumbfounded. I was even given messages to take to a friend. Thank you.

Evidential Medium

I am an evidential medium. An evidential medium  is an individual that can give you evidence of your loved ones continuing after the death of the physical body.  Every sitting, every communication is a scientific test, nothing is ever guaranteed, but one thing is certain - life continues and is eternal and your loved ones wish to prove their existence to you. There is so much to give to humanity through mediumship. It is neither a parlour trick or entertainment and should not be taken as such. 

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Evidential Medium Jock Brocas
Evidential Medium Jock Brocas
Evidential Medium Jock Brocas

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