Afterlife Connect Is Launched 1

Afterlife Connect Is Launched

I am delighted to report the Launch of Afterlife Connect (http://afterlifeconnect.com). This was my own personal project that I developed to ensure the public who were looking for mediums, only find reputable mediums. The second reason was to offer a platform where churches could promote themselves and help to increase their members, whilst helping to …

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Do They Miss Us In The Spirit World 2

Do They Miss Us In The Spirit World

A question from a grieving mother regarding her grief and loss was the catalyst to my guide TC giving the following answer. I have detailed the question and the answer in both text and visual form that anyone who may find comfort from the words will find immediate peace. have a question that’s really playing …

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The Preciousness Of Life 3

The Preciousness Of Life

Life is precious – small things are just that – small things and mean nothing. I write this as a tribute, in memory of a friend and colleagues brother who tragically passed a few days ago under devastating circumstances. Prayers go out to Vincent and his family. In this grand plan, we call life, many people …

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