Evidential Spirit Medium Jock Brocas

Media Interview Request

I am delighted that you have an interest in Interviewing me and below I have given some FAQ’s and a form to help both of us know if we are a fit for one another. I am only interested in serious interviews that add some value to those who may be spiritually seeking. I am not interested in mere entertainment or media with a negative slant, political or heavily religious.

Please note, I do not do many interviews and only like to work with people, media and organizations that offer something of value to the world and the work we do. Follow these FAQ’s.

  • Live Readings

  • Do you do live readings on air?

    I used to in the past and now choose not to because I am not an entertainment system and it would seem that from experience 99% of questions are rarely serious and involve the “What do you see anything around me in the future” or “Am i going to get that Job.” I am not a palm reader or a street psychic and only deal with those suffering through grief. Depending on the circumstances, I may arrange a special event for readings. However, those who really want help can attend an event or book a private session with me.

  • Media Pack

  • Do you have a media pack?

    Yes, i have a media pack you can use to help promote the interview including, images, video, forms and more.