Faith and Grief

faith and grief

We have all heard the saying that faith can move mountains. However, when it comes to the grief journey, faith is a mountain that you have to conquer. That mountain can seem so tall, so overwhelming. The way to conquer it is to begin the journey, understand the journey will hold many challenges, and just […]

Grief and Anger, Your Tool For Change

grief and anger

No matter how you feel about your loss of a loved one, you will never be the same again. You will never look at the world with the same eyes that you had previously. For some, grief is the great educator, and for others, grief is the great tormentor who seems to be waiting to […]

How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father

How a Mediumship Book Helped A Grieving Father cover

Many people who read "Deadly Departed" are surprised at how it can help someone grieving. It is not just for people who are developing mediums or paranormal experts. Though the book has a serious undertone regarding the dangers of mediumship and the afterlife, there is a deeply comforting aspect to the book, as it helps […]