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Blog 1

The Domino Effect

The domino effect is not a science but a truth that is as old as the laws of the universe. …

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Blog 2

Voices From Beyond Or Possession

Dr Ruth Wilson a junior doctor hears voices – a male voice that slowly begins to oppress her, trying to control …

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Blog 3

Afterlife Connect Is Launched

I am delighted to report the Launch of Afterlife Connect ( This was my own personal project that I developed …

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Blog 4

Do They Miss Us In The Spirit World

A question from a grieving mother regarding her grief and loss was the catalyst to my guide TC giving the …

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Blog 5

The Tree Of Your Life

Once there was a forest and everything lived in harmony with the forest, and the trees, vegetation, animals and life …

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Blog 6

The Preciousness Of Life

Life is precious – small things are just that – small things and mean nothing. I write this as a …

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