Spiritual Development Workshops.

I arrange private workshops for small groups and organizations throughout USA. Workshop numbers are limited to ensure that we give personal tuition to those that attend. Workshops can be arranged at various locations and are a fun way to really learn the skill needed to harness the power of your own spirituality and afterlife connections.



Mediumship development workshops for those just starting on the path to mediumship or those who consider themselves professional. This workshop is serious and fun and will most definitely open your spiritual eyes.

Intuitive Development

This workshop is based on my best-selling book that teaches you how to develop your intuitive skills for your life. These life skills can do more for you than you realize and by the end of the workshop, you will know enough to develop your intuition further.


Meditation is easier than you think, most of the issues with meditation comes with the self. In this workshop, we lift the lid on meditative practices and show you how to break through those barriers that hold you back.


The paranormal is normal, however, there are dangers associated with the paranormal and this is one of the first courses that looks at paranormal events within mediumship and associated dangers and how to deal with them.

Spiritual Healing

This workshop is not taught by myself and can be a part of other workshops. It is taught by my amazing wife Joanne Brocas, who is a renowned author and expert in energy healing, spiritual healing, and Angels. Joanne gets to the root of issues in your life and shows you how to heal from them.

Angel Energy Medicine

Joanne will show you how to heal with the Angels. How you can harness the power of the Angelic vibration within your life and how you can develop your own relationships with your angels. 

Various Locations Throughout USA