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Safety By Intuition
Posted by jockbrocas On December 19, 2017
“When you have overcome your fear, you are calm. When you are calm, you can exercise awareness. When you are aware, you can listen to your sixth sense, your intuition. Only then are you really alive!!!”

We all have a sixth sense and by unlocking your sixth sense, you can become your own protector and personal adviser. You will listen to yourself before you do anything, and your mind and body will give you the answer or show you how to protect yourself. Listening to your intuition will save your life.

Most people have had experiences such as walking into a bar or a building where there has been a disturbance and the atmosphere seems charged. Your body and your mind will usually give you some indication that this place is not safe and you should leave. This is not as difficult to explain as you might think. Every fuelled situation leaves an emotional trail of energy, and we instinctively tune in to that frequency. Your hair may stand on end and you may feel shivers. Many people will put this down to a psychosomatic symptom of the mind, but in fact you are using your natural intuitive ability and your body and spirit is warning you off. It is up to you to pay attention to this warning. An uncomfortable emotional feeling is akin to an alarm, yet through our own ignorance and machismo, we would rather ignore it for fear of feeling week.


Environmental awareness, physical awareness, and mental awareness, by combining each of these and using your in-built intuition, you can develop the ability to predict events. How do we achieve this? First we have to understand the aura and how it works.


We all have a vibration field, an energy that surrounds every one of us that holds our personal model of life. This field consists of electromagnetic particles that resonate at a particular vibration and frequency. Scientists have been researching this energy field for a long time, yet it remains at the fringe of scientific acceptance. In the last few years, well-known scientists such as Harry Oldfield and Dr Barbara Brennan have broken through that barrier to try proving and explaining the existence of the Auric field.

With practice and time, we can learn to open up our psychic centres and receive inbound information in many ways using all psychic abilities. These centres when balanced and unblocked can be an effective method of protecting the mind, body and spirit. Negativity is also held within the aura; evidently, thought forms appear within the emotional and mental field of our aura. Fear is that same thought form and is there to be received by a tuned in receiver – even if that receiver has anarchy on his mind. Understanding this process and recognizing the feeling of fear is the first step to controlling it and accepting it.

When your mind accepts what it is that you fear and you face up to it, you can begin to transmute this negative thought process into useful energy that can be used as a weapon. For instance, let’s say that you are too frightened to be alone in your own home. The fear you exude makes you an easier target. Your would-be attacker picks up on this negative energy and you are at risk of becoming a victim of terror. Imagine walking along a street at night, and you begin to sense negative energy. Your mind multiplies this a thousand times and creates a terrible fear. This is manifested in your mind and you exude that fear in your aura. The physical body then starts to display the body language of a fearful individual. Now you are a target for attackers. What you fear is attracted to you. The attacker is consumed with negative energy and is attracted to the source of similar energy – the principle of cause-and-effect.

Our personal space is an important factor in life. If someone encroaches on our space at home or in the workplace, we feel violated, and that can be a simple action such as disturbing something in your home or removing something from your desk. This violation is only lifted if we have given the permission for someone to enter our personal space.

This concept applies especially in martial arts, where you are taught to maintain your personal space and keep a safe distance between you and any potential threat. When someone breaches your personal space, you immediately feel under threat, and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. If someone comes too close you have an overwhelming sense of encroachment and possibly fear because of the energy overlap from the other person’s aura into yours, especially if the incoming energy is denser and more negative.


Everyone has an Auric field, and the attributes of this field are obvious from a spiritual and psychic point of view. Each of us can use this ethereal body as a fearsome weapon – we can enhance our ability to sense and use the information contained within it. By learning to heighten your natural ability, you become more perceptible to the subtle energies that surround you. If you are a potential target, you can learn to anticipate any probable threats or impending danger.

“Your own early warning system will keep you alive.”

This energy field surrounds your physical being in every way and is commonly known as your Auric field. It consists of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric, or spiritual, bodies. Within this field is every thought and emotion your body exudes, the blueprint of your life-plan for past, present, and future. Its colors change with different emotions or physical expressions.

Rings of protection

Let’s look at the make-up of the aura and how it can aid us in protecting our mind, body, and spirit. Protection IS much like an onion whose layers denote the concentric rings of protection. The aura is also made up of many layers of protection:

Etheric – This is the first layer that most psychically gifted individuals can see. It extends approx half an inch from the body and almost acts as a second skin. Within this layer, physical ailments can be detected. It looks silvery blue in color though some see the color as gray. This layer also holds the blueprint of your physical body.

Emotional – This layer contains the emotions you are feeling at any moment, so the colors within the aura can change according to how you are feeling. How can this emotional state affect the ability to look after your mind, body, and spirit? If you are feeling the emotion of fear, then you will exude that emotion and any sensitive individuals would be able to pick up that emotion. It also exudes the emotion that we feel for others outside ourselves – so if you are feeling anger at someone then that emotion would be easily recognizable. This can be an early warning sign to you if you learn how to recognize the emotional state of others.

Mental – The mental layer contains the information on your beliefs, intellect and personal power relating to the sum total of who you are in the physical and mental sense. The thought processes are registered in this area – your decisions in what you think are registered in this field. The color of this field is mainly yellow and thought forms are structured as un-shapely blobs of energy. The thought forms that are in our awareness at the time are registered in this field. It is obvious that with training and raising our awareness, we can pick up on these thoughts through the sixth sense – another key to personal protection.

Imagine standing in a bus shelter. Someone approaches you and you instinctively feel uneasy – why? Have you picked up on his thoughts? The energy the person exudes is negative and he may be thinking evil thoughts – this is what you feel. Your early warning system has been activated.


By now, you will have an in-depth idea of the Auric field and its associations to the body on all levels. Understanding how fear or negative energy reacts within the aura is the first step in learning to defend yourself utilizing your sixth sense. Aggression, like any emotional thought form, shows itself within the aura and can be an early warning signal to imminent violence. If you can pick up this negative emotional energy, then you can take the necessary precautions to remove yourself from the vicinity of danger.

We must learn how to notice these waves of thought and how we can control them. By simply noticing the thoughts and allowing them to leave our mind in a loving manner, we gain control of the emotional field that surrounds us and we gain control of our fears. To remain positive in the face of adversity shows us that we do not need to allow negative emotion to control our lives.


Remember the stronger the energy surrounding you, the stronger you will be in securing your environment – helping you to heighten your awareness to protect all that you have in mind, body, and spirit.

There are many ways to ensure that your aura remains strong and impenetrable from outside forces. Meditation is by far the easiest way to strengthen your aura by your intention only. By visualizing and believing in what you are doing, you will succeed in strengthening all levels of your Auric field. Visualize yourself inside a bubble of white light. To increase this light, you must breathe in deeply asking for the universe to cleanse your aura. As you breathe out, use your intention to release any negativity that is within you or surrounds you, and send it back to the universe for transmuting to positive energy. As you breathe out, you will note the white energy filling your aura and making it strong and impenetrable. You must learn to visualize this in picture form and believe in what you see, “to believe is to conceive”.

Certain crystals can be used to increase the strength in the aura and to repel negative vibrations that may be trying to permeate your Auric field. Crystals have a vibration all of their own and exude positive vibrations each on a varying frequency. These frequencies can either attract or deter negativity. A good crystal to use for this is Black Tourmaline. Think on this; if crystals are used in medicine, weaponry, jewelry and power machinery – is it not so that the same can interact with your own frequency.

The intention is very simple; if I am sitting on a chair and I decide to stand up and move into the kitchen, I use my intention. Firstly, my thought is conceived in my mind – the feeling of wanting to move from the chair to the kitchen. I see this vision and then make the intent manifest to move. This is the same with any intention that you have in your life. Many years ago, I studied another martial form called Taekwondo. Part of learning this art is learning how to break blocks of wood; the first time I tried, I failed. The instructor, Dickie, recognized that I had not visualized breaking the wood and my intention was not focused on that. After a long lecture and a bit of training on visualization, I took my place and did it again – this time, to success.

The intention is very simple; if I am sitting on a chair and I decide to stand up and move into the kitchen, I use my intention. Firstly, my thought is conceived in my mind – the feeling of wanting to move from the chair to the kitchen. I see this vision and then make the intent manifest to move. This is the same with any intention that you have in your life. Many years ago, I studied another martial form called Taekwondo. Part of learning this art is learning how to break blocks of wood; the first time I tried, I failed. The instructor, Dickie, recognized that I had not visualized breaking the wood and my intention was not focused on that. After a long lecture and a bit of training on visualization, I took my place and did it again – this time, to success.

You have to have belief in your ability and in yourself. Believe that you can make yourself safe and you will.

When you are positive and have positive affirmations, the effect is also positive on your Auric field. Your aura becomes vibrant in color, and the aura is charged with positive energy – with thought forms that are in vibrational harmony with your affirmations, and as that change is manifested, you will find that your vibration matches that of your conscious thought-process, following the law of attraction.

On one training course that I ran for an international oil company, I taught all the elements of awareness and intuition. By introducing basic meditative principles, I took the students to a heightened form of awareness. After the guided meditation, I helped the students achieve a mind-state in which they were able to sense very subtle changes in their energy field. This sensitivity enabled them to detect the difference in the density of the energy and to feel the presence of other energies. They were now on the first rung of the ladder in developing their sixth sense and being able to use it for their protection.


Fear is not always bad; when a crisis approaches, it shows itself in the surge of adrenalin. Fight or flight? In dangerous situations, we experience a process called ‘The adrenalin dump’, which makes us fight or run, depending on the individual. As such, fear is a valuable tool. If an animal is attacked, it instinctively knows what to do – its survival depends on it. As human beings, we lose this ability all too easily. We become too comfortable or complacent and often don’t see what is right in front of us.

During an attack, several processes happen. It all starts with fear. Fear communicates itself to those around you. It shows in your posture, how you walk and hold yourself, how you approach the world. When you are faced with something you fear, your body responds internally with a faster heart rate and increased breathing rate, and externally with physical signs such as tremors in your hands. We manifest our thoughts so that the fear is shown in body language.


The first lesson to learn is that security is a state of mind. Depending on your personal or corporate circumstances, the condition and the situation of your home location, your office, and surrounding environments, you may need extensive security or basic precautions. However, whatever you are likely to face, your personal fears are the main factors you should address. Understand your fears and allow them to manifest as positive energy – your fears cannot harm you unless you allow it to happen. If you feel afraid, even though you have no grounds for fear, you must do what is necessary to feel safe. Begin by understanding the emotional nature of fear – face it, feel it, then transmute it.

During an attack, several processes happen. It all starts with fear. Fear communicates itself to those around you. It shows in your posture, how you walk and hold yourself, how you approach the world. When you are faced with something you fear, your body responds internally with a faster heart rate and increased breathing rate, and externally with physical signs such as tremors in your hands. We manifest our thoughts so that the fear is shown in body language.

“It is not wrong to fear, but it is wrong to allow fear to take root in your soul.” J Brocas 2005

By breathing slowly intently and rhythmically, you will manage to remain calm in the face of adversity. It is no coincidence that martial artists put great emphasis on the breath. When you are nervous and fearful your breathing becomes tight, irregular and shallow, you cannot think positively and clearly and are feeding negative energy.

If you find yourself in a serious confrontational situation, you might panic as your fears are instantaneously released and your conscious mind begins to feed your fear. You’re breathing gets faster, adrenalin is released, and you freeze. When you use breath as the control, you interrupt the feeding of the negative energy in that thought process, and the heart rate slows as you become calmer. You are then able to defend yourself with a true heart and reverse any situation to your advantage.

Everything exists and lives on the breath. The secret to controlling life in a more productive way is through meditation and breath, prana or hara as it is understood in other cultures. The ancient Samurai, Ninja and Buddhist monks used the breath as the form of gaining enlightenment. In Budo, the Way of the Warrior, the breath exists as the catalyst that strengthens the power and understanding of the universal force that is energy, and you can manipulate this energy through breathing. You can change it from its normal, low vibration to a higher one. This vibration allows the communion between mind and spirit and allows the physical body to react in a way that is out of the norm, displaying acts of supernormal ability. The development of psychic abilities is within this dimension and it is by this method of breath work that we learn the secrets of the universe. Walk tall. Keep your head held high, look as if you have a purpose and know where you are and where you are going.

My 10 Tips for remaining safe through Intuition

  • Meditate, even if it is for 15 minutes 3 times per week. It will increase your sensitivity.
  • Believe in yourself and know that you can create the safe environment around you.
  • Understand your Auric field and how to sensitize your energy.
  • The power of intention is a marvelous gift. Use this to increase your strength in your aura.
  • Breathe rhythmically and slowly to increase the energy around you.
  • Walk with purpose and keep your head high, this exudes a positive vibration.
  • Understand fear and learn to control it.
  • Use positive affirmations to increase the strength in your Aura.
  • Use Black Tourmaline to repel negativity.
  • Place Black tourmaline in a dish of water to soak up negative vibrations and protect you from the unseen world of spirit. (This is another lesson)

The domino effect is not a science but a truth that is as old as the laws of the universe. It is universal knowledge and a gift for all of humankind – it’s a gift that we can all give and costs nothing, but the effects can be staggering. Why the domino effect? Stand a domino on its end and continue to set up all the dominos that you can gather. Perhaps create a pattern or an elaborate design or provoke many effects such as lighting, fireworks and explosions. As the first domino falls towards the other, you will hear the gentle tick of all others following in unison like the footsteps of a platoon or marching band. As each falls in perfect timing with its natural force of energy carrying the impetus, so does each of the affects that you may have set up. In the end you create a masterpiece of physical science and a sense of achievement that you have completed something spectacular. Created for others to enjoy or receive its benefits.

In this earth we are the dominos though we do not recognize it or understand the truth of the analogy. Perhaps instead of creating the positively charged chain reaction that we need, we fail to see who we are and how we can become that domino for the best. As we leave the years behind us with all the disasters and misfortunes of the past with all the destruction and loss of life, would it not be better to be a domino?

Consider this; a woman is suicidal because of the hand she has dealt herself in this life and a young child goes home from school with the fear of knowing that tonight he may receive another beating from his stepfather. An old woman walking home from her daily shopping routine is struck by the loneliness that burns into her soul because she has lost a loved one. For every negative experience that comes their way, so the domino effect comes into play and the chain reaction of life begins. How does it happen? Well, just like this. It is early morning and you are late for work, as you leave the house your neighbour says good morning and you ignore him. At that minute the postal worker who is also late and in a foul mood sees you and you give him grief for the tardiness and late arrival of your morning post. So the chain reaction has begun. Now, the postman on the way back after his round bumps into the old woman and hurts her as well as giving her a mouthful for getting in the way. She feels even more distressed and saddened further as her late husband would have protected her from this. The neighbour who is the stepfather of the child goes back into the house in a foul mood discussing with his partner how ignorant you have been. Slowly and surely the anger and the negative energy becomes charged and fuelled – ready to be ignited. The partner leaves for work and the stepfather is out of work for the moment and continues to brood on how life is horrible. At 4.00 pm the child returns home from school and goes to his bedroom. Acting as a child does he puts on his computer console which is too loud and continues to enjoy playing the latest game. Minutes later the stepfather enters the room and begins to shout at the young child and as the child retorts with a sorrowful “but” the stepfather ushers forward and strikes the child in the face for his insolence. Feeling the guilt for hitting the child his anger surfaces and he develops excuses for his actions. While trying to get on to the right side of the child – the mother returns home from work and finds an explosive situation brewing. Nothing is said and in the silence the negative energy is brewing and growing like a cancer. It’s not long before the stepfather and the mother turns to alcohol and the conversation gets more direct and insulting from both parties. Meanwhile the child lives in fear cocooned in his room and listening to the cacophony below. The father then storms out in a rage making his way to the nearest hostellers. The mother meanwhile has had enough and in her drunken stupor has reached for the bottle of pills in which she finds solace in the hope that all the pain will stop. All this has come to a climax and the negative domino reaction that took place at the beginning was the catalyst for a disaster. Even though this may seem extreme, one simple negative thought or action can cause a chain reaction of negativity – thus suffering and mayhem follows. It is easy to see how this may have been different by inducing a positive domino effect without the need for excessive emotion. Ok let’s see the positive effects of the domino effect.

It is early morning and you are late for work but this does not matter because you have thanked god for the wonderful gift of life that you have been given as you arise earlier that morning. You have created a positive affirmation that you are happy and exude happiness, that you are provided for by the universe and any stumbling blocks along the way are only tests to make you stronger. On leaving the house you bump into your neighbour – you smile and have a brief chat. You instil a sense of ease in him and perhaps remark how nice the day is even if it is raining. At that moment, you see the mail carrier rushing around on his delivery and as he approaches you with your mail – you smile – you make light of the tardiness and ask if he needs a cuppa. Jokingly the mail carrier laughs with you and smiles back, now realising there is more to life than remaining angry. You have a laugh with your neighbour, shake his hand – infusing him with positive energy and say your farewells. The mail carrier on his way back from work notices the old woman struggling along the road and instinctively offers to help. Whilst smiling he begins to chat and soon enough she feels that she is not the loneliest person in the world. A smile soon breaks those weary lines in her face and the eyes light up with the spark of god by her side. The neighbour who has gone into the house now feels more positive than he felt earlier on. He begins to tidy the home and in a positive frame of mind makes headway into finding more employment. His guide who is standing close by is whispering in his consciousness and placing the idea that he might prepare a meal for his wife that is returning from a hard day’s work. He notices a picture on the mantelpiece of his wife and his stepson and smiles knowing deep inside that he has a family that is loved and that he himself is loved. At 4pm his stepson comes in from school; the father smiles at him and asks how his day has been. He exclaims, “I have an idea, why don’t you and I prepare a lovely meal for your mum, we will do it together as she has been working all day, then maybe we can play that game that you like”. The wife returns soon after – walks into the home and sees her family hard at work preparing a meal and having fun whilst doing it. Soon they are all at it and smiles are everywhere, the energy is light and airy and full of positive vibrations. Sitting at the table, the discussion turns to each other’s day as they share a meal together. Later in the evening as the family is enjoying their time together – she looks over to the mantelpiece and notices her pain killers on the side – discarding this sight she then sees the picture of her family and thanks god for the wondrous gift that she has. All this from a smile and a kind thought.

As you can see the outcome of both of these domino effects creates a negative ending or a positive ending and as you read this channelled message you may notice the effects and changes in your own energy. The negative emotion will be created and you will feel it inside you, yet when you read the positive ending you will feel a sense of well being and happiness knowing that the reaction of the action has begun with a simple smile and ended with a life being saved. Make the decision – go on – become a domino and save someone’s life for every time you smile or have a positive thought – know that the universe has saved someone through your own domino effect.

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