So you would like a personal Mediumship Reading. Here's what you should know about a reading with me.

The evidence supported throughout the experience was very accurate. Most times so accurate, that it’s unbelievable- in a good way. Many times I got what I call “goose bumps” just by what Jock would say and how true it was to my life.

Jacy Ann

First of all, what you have to know is that I do not do mediumship readings for everyone and anyone. If you are suffering from grief and need help through that difficult time in your life, then a mediumship appointment will help you to connect with those on the otherside of life and give you evidence of the afterlife.

If you are someone who is dipping your toe in the water, watch too much tv and think that I can have all the information about your future, or if you will come into money or where your late husband or family member left the secret stash (yes that has happened), then I am not the medium for you, and you will find many side street psychics only willing to separate you from cash and tell you what you want to know or pander to your needs and desires. 

I pride myself in being able to give irrefutable evidence of the afterlife and many testimonies from others - some very skeptical will attest to this. I work very hard to achieve the harmony that allows me to commune with your loved ones and so my passion is to help those suffering from grief, all be it from a recent loss or past loss.