Evidential Spirit Medium Jock Brocas
Non Judgmental Duality
Posted by jockbrocas On December 19, 2017

Let’s face facts; we live in a world of duality where judgement is the norm of the everyday man or woman. Our understanding comes from one which complements the other. We would never understand rich if we did not experience poor, we see beauty only because we judge ugly and truth is in contrast to a lie. It is the yin and yang with all things but without the natural balance, for the duality is as one and at oneness with the universal consciousness. In understanding good, we recognize the evil and see that as opposites they are in fact a duality. In looking at an individual we make assumptions and label in a world driven by judgements – one man may have intelligence but stupidity exists only because we make a judgment on intellect and so you understand that our world is full of duality and labels.

Our natural world

The natural world around us knows no duality and instead remains as one with the universal law. A tiger does not judge another tiger because it is uglier nor has less stripes and the fish of the sea does not judge because another fish is more colourful. Instead they both carry on in their own way with lack of judgement and just exist within the oneness of the universe – they just exist in the natural order of things without judgement. So the circle of life continues on its cycle unimpeded and without judgement – animals move and grow in harmony and a seed may turn into a beautiful flower not judged by another flower for its colour, smell and strength. This is like the river that continues to flow with the natural force of Mother Nature or the sea that ebs and flows constantly in and out of the beach. It is natural and has its place.


We judge because we do not understand that the universe is and exists and we exist but in a world of duality; we know life and death only because we experience one which inevitably gives rise to the other. But in judging one we give form to negative energy and the energy that now has form causes the natural oneness to be inhibited. Our thoughts that create our judgements are not in line with the natural order of the universe and so it follows that our thoughts create the life around us even if that life is not what we desire. Living with judgement and duality is the epitome of our materialistic world in which we live – it is a paradoxical reality but a reality that is in fact borne of illusion. Learn to live with oneness to be in a world of duality, but as one; learn to live without judgement and just be. This will allow you to move seamlessly with the flow of our natural world. You will become both teacher and sage and live simultaneously in harmony with all things. Instead of trying to achieve – you just do it and without the energy of effort, therefore you are a paradox. The body has materialistic boundaries but within it we have a soul and spirit which are limitless – we are spirit in human form therefore we are oneness in an apparent duality – another paradox.

A unified spirit

Enter into life in the here and now without feeling the propensity of having to label or judge anything. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong, beautiful and ugly are standards of a materialistic world – there is no need to compartmentalise the world around you. Learn to accept all as a necessary paradox and just exist moving as one with the tides. In this way all of the universe’s secrets become part of you and you live life in harmony and abundant reality – know your eternal self even within the limitations of a materialistic body. Move effortlessly and understand that effort is afforded non effort, join these together and you have effortless action without worrying about the outcome. For example, a dancer does this by attempt, assuming the position, feeling the music and letting go – voilla, you have effortless action without outcome that moves seamlessly as the tide of life. Eliminate the opposite and you have a paradoxical reality. When learning technique in the dojo. It seems natural to concentrate on one part of the action to learn that particular movement. The essence of the movement lies in its duality as a paradox, for instance when the attack originates it is one part of the action to which we respond with a similar action. If we hold ourselves in unity with the action, you begin to understand that it is the other half of a complete whole. By seeing this as our own reality and eliminating the opposite – we move seamlessly and begin to understand the flow of movement. We then move effortlessly from one element to another – the true heart accepts all elements and lives in oneness with duality.

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