Book Of Six Rings

A Spiritual Book Of Life.

One would consider this book to be a book for martial artists and yet, those who study this discipline will find much to help them. However, the real gift behind this book is the spiritual lessons that are written for anyone and everyone. Learning the hidden lessons of spiritual growth and understanding is what this book is all about.

Powers Of The Sixth Sense

Learn To Use Your Intuition.

Your intuition can save your life, protect you from dangers in life and help you live a better more purposeful life. It is your spiritual compass and will help you to navigate through life much easier. Your Intuition is a divine gift that we all have and you can harness it now! You do not have to wait. 

Book Of Six Rings

The Reality and Development Of Mediumship.

Like everything in life, there is good and there is bad, a natural harmony if you like where you are tested as you learn to develop your spiritual gifts. Mediumship is no different and there is good and bad out there in the world of spirit. This book will scare you whilst empowering you and perhaps open your eyes to real mediumship and mediumship of the past.