This is a story that I hope will bring you a little joy and perhaps even a little comfort. It exemplifies the power of spirit and amazed me. I am sure there will be a great deal of skepticism and I can understand that. I know that often one has to be able to experience real phenomena before they will even consider accepting another hypothesis or the fact something more than ourselves is it work. I have decided to write about these experiences in a separate blog from the normal as we often miss what is often under our noses. Therefore, this story is something I wish to share with you as a direct experience of my own.

He is alive and well

A few days ago, I was sitting quietly in my porch, I was contemplating life as I so often do and wondered about the power of spirit and angels in my life. My wife was cooking and I noted that a huge butterfly had managed to get in through an open door at the left of the Lanai. It was such a beautiful creature and I contemplated the miracle of life and how wonderful God is to create such a beautiful creature. I had thought about trying to capture it to let it go, but it was so high and I could not reach it, besides it was right above the swimming pool, and there was no way I could have gotten a ladder up there. Anyway, I just left it there, knowing that it would find its way back out again - how wrong I was. I had forgotten about the butterfly for a moment until it came back into my mind as I was driving to the Social Security Office, which was a little over 45 minutes away.


We returned some time later and my wife told me the beautiful Butterfly was dead and floating in our pool. I felt quite upset as I have a policy of loving nature and especially Butterflies because they were a sign I received from one of my own spirit guides. I decided to leave it there and just pray for its spirit. You can imagine how I felt, and I hated the fact that I never acted so promptly to save the butterfly. Anyway, time passes on, the butterfly was still in the pool and as I don’t use it - not my villa, so I am not keen in swimming in someone’s pool I don’t know, I left it for the pool cleaners to deal with. Days passed and the little guy was still there floating.


I normally try to meditate in the mornings but as I have been suffering from more stress than usual, I have found it difficult. Making such a dramatic change in my life because I believe that spirit has a greater plan for me, has made me nervous, questioning and more stressed than usual, everything is on a wing and a prayer. So, lately I decided to just sit outside and feel nature, oh as well as get a better signal on my laptop to catch up with a little work. I immediately felt spirit around me; this time it was stronger than usual. I heard clearly a voice in my mind say, “Behold the power of God, fish the Butterfly out of the water and pray over.” I became a little shocked at what I heard and thought so much of these biblical stories of wonder and miracles. Though, I was somehow a little skeptical, I carried out the wishes of the communicating spirit. I fished the Butterfly from the water and my wife and I prayed over it. Slowly there was a little life showing, shocked I could not believe what I was witnessing. It was not long before I saw more movement, the flutter of his wing a little at a time and as I held my hands over, could feel the power of spirit working. I blew on him gently and he just sat there on my kitchen towel that I put him on. More life flowed into him and sure enough, he just stayed there getting stronger all the time. I immediately heard the voice say, the power of God is working for us all, we must believe and trust. Something so profound and so simple, yet how many of us really believe that God is working through us all the time and that we have to have trust in being guided by a stronger governing force outside of us.


I knew the little fellow would need some food to get stronger and that nectar would be the most important, I put him on a flowering tree and he stayed there just feeding, then moved to a leaf where I could photograph him. It was almost as if he knew and stayed there long enough to say thank you.

Back to life

Now whether or not you believe in this little story, I believe, because I and my wife experienced this exactly as it is written. You can mock or you can take the lessons from it such as the power of spirit to work in your life. No matter how low you get or what experiences you have to go through to learn the lessons of life, you are never alone and you are guided by a strong spiritual force that works through you. Ask and it is given, such a profound statement and yet many forget to ask for spiritual intervention. Ask and you will be helped, the great spirit will never abandon you and you have to learn to open your eyes and heart to the power of spirit.

May 23, 2016 By Jock