evidential medium
How to find a good psychic medium How do you find a good psychic medium when there is so much fraudulent people purporting to be mediums that either do not understand the reality of what constitutes real mediumship? For instance in Florida, I have noticed that there are many offices and shops that offer readings - claiming to be able to communicate with the spirit world and I know from experience of talking to some of these so called professionals - they neither understand the role of mediumship in the modern-world or demonstrate a clinical ability to communicate with spirit. Finding psychic mediums in Florida or any other place for that matter is difficult because of the sheer misunderstanding of religion. However, there are places - even though they have gone underground in order to keep from the pointing finger of skeptics and those that would disapprove and there are people too. One thing you must be careful about is how to recognize if the person you have chosen is indeed a professional medium. One thing that will be a massive warning sign is if they ask an inordinate amount of searching and fishing questions. Furthermore, you should make sure that your medium is known as a professional medium and not just because they have a website. Anyone can make a website and claim to be the real deal. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Have they got plenty of reviews and have they been referred to you by someone you know who has experienced what they do? Have they any experience in working on platform or in spiritual churches, this can easily be checked? Another good verification that should give you some comfort in using their services is if they are in the media. For instance; have they published books professionally with traditional publishers in spiritual matters, do they have a media profile on TV or on radio. If most of these questions can be answered positively, then you can be assured that your psychic medium is indeed professional. You should then consider if that person suits what you are looking for in a medium, are they approachable, professional and knowledgeable. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible with your medium and the medium should be adept at putting you at ease. Also remember that no medium or psychic can promise you that you will receive communication from anyone in spirit, they are merely a conduit for the spirit world to communicate with this earth plane. Moreover, no psychic can promise to fix your life, cast spells to bring your lovers back or to attract that special someone to you. This is all a fallacy. The best you can expect to get from these charlatans is half an hour of your own time wasted and a costly entertainment exercise. You have to make your own way in life and you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Some of your lessons are put in front of you to help with your spiritual growth and these lessons you will experience all through your fie such as grief, loss and learning from the choices you make. A professional medium can offer you guidance from the world of spirit and give you evidence to prove the existence of life after death. This in turn is the catalyst to heal from grief and to learn from the choices you or your loved one’s have made. In short, a medium can help you to come to terms with the grieving process, bring teachings from the other side of life and help man to understand where he may be on his spiritual path. So if you are looking for psychic mediums in Florida, California, Arizona or anywhere else in the world, please remember the things to look for and most of all choose wisely and allow your own spirit to be guided to the right individual.
May 21, 2016 By Jock