Can demonic forces take over and control an individual, causing them to commit a wicked act of murder.  Satan’s minions are on the prowl again and have as i believe, managed to influence a woman named Deanna Laney.  In the name of God; she has taken the lives of her two young sons by stoning them to death in an almost Biblical fashion. I believe the demonic laugh of success echoes her mind to this day – torturing her day and night.  She now knows she was wrong but why did she do it? Claiming to hear voices in her mind and receiving signs from discarnate spirits from another realm. She acted on the will of God or so she believed.

Convicted homemaker Deanna Laney, a 39-year old Texas wife and mother pleaded legal insanity at a texas court.  A jury’s closing statements inferred that, on the 11th May 2003, Deanna acted Insanely and could not possibly have known the difference between right and wrong.  Aaron, the third son survived the ordeal, though will remain blinded for life - brain injured and no doubt traumatized.

Another woman;  Andrea Yates -  also found legally insane by a Texas jury.  Yates drowned her 5 children in a bathtub in 20th June 2001 in another biblical right of sacrifice.  Andrea believed that Satan had took over her soul and that he was aiming for her children’s souls next – this is why she killed them to spare the children from the evil wrath.  She also argued that her children would go straight to heaven as they remained perfect in their innocence and her life was payment in full for the attrocious act.  She believed that by fullfiling a biblical prophecy, she would defeat the evil that took over her; Further, she believed this act would save her family and she would be saved.

As a profesional spiritual medium; my theory for both these cases would be the belief that they cases prtrayed possible Demonic possession. I have personally carried out exorcisms and experienced paranormal phenomena that i can only describe as terrifying.  My wife has also been face-to-face with evil entities that just laughed at her and swore at her.  Do you think its possible then, that a case of insanity could infact be Demonic possession? I will examine cases of demonic possession later – now i would like you to consider the events that led up to a homicide or other such crime.  Mostly the perpetrator of the crime will insist that they were acting on the instructions of an unseen entity – they heard the entity speak to them direct and order the crime.  This of course never happens instantaneously as most individuals that are the house for the spirit, claim to have a continuing affiliation with these entities over a period of time.   At first the spirit or demon and,  i make this deliberate separation - these are two different entities.  One is a grounded spirit intent on having fun and causing mischief, the other is pure evil acting out the will of its dark vibration. Will come in a cloak of light claiming to sympathise with the chosen host (victim) and offer help and friendship as a bargening tool.  Often the spirit will claim to be an angel or spirit from heaven or the light and when the victim drops their guard a full possession can take place.  Most possessions also have a trend whereby the host for possession lives a life that is conducive to harming the soul by the use a narcotics, severe alcohol consumption and the ability to carry out criminal acts.

In 1969 a young woman named Annelise Michel was diagnosed with severe epilepsy because of her nightly seizures, paralysis and innability to speak.  Later while praying she began to see demonic entities and believed her condition was the result of demonic possession.  She and her family were devout catholics and in 1973 requested the catholic church carry out the right of exorcism (Rituale Romanum) it was denied.  Finally after an exhaustive investigation by the catholic church, in 1975 Bishop Josef Stangl approved the exorcism – the exorcism was to going to be conducted weekly in her home.  During the exorcisms, She predicted the day when the demons had to leave her and on July 1st 1976 she died - just as previously predicted.

Father Arnold Renz and three others including the parents; were charged with negligent homicide, though during the trial there was evidence of possession through tapes that were recorded during each exorcism and the events that were seen by witnesses.  Anneliese had said the demonic entities that possessed her were; Lucifer, Cain, a biblical character, Nero also known as Julius Ceasar, Judas the betrayer of Jesus, Flieschman, a disgraced priest in Franken in the 17th century and Hitler.  These demons had also spoken direct to the exorcist during the exorcism.

Many Christians believe that this possession had taken place as a lesson for humankind to realize there is more to life than we physically realize – the devout young woman helped to deliver many souls from Satan’s grasp.  This to me is certain proof that possessions happen – the mere fact there were independent witnesses at each exorcism challenges the explanation of even the most insistent skeptic.  If then as I believe this is a true theory; it would seem possible that these possessions could be a vehicle for murder by the demon or entity influencing the mind of the chosen body.  This theory would then account for the many cases of murder that happen because of so-called “voices.”  If we examine the two cases above, we can assume that both perpetrators believed, they became influenced by an unseen force a force that they believe was demonic and evil.

Demonic possession does not limit itself to human vehicles.  A possession can happen in the home the chosen host may live.  In the spring of 2005, my friend asked if  I would visit a woman in an area of Aberdeen who was experiencing bad events in her life and possible paranormal events – she felt spirits toiling with her. She had experienced presences and was restless in her home – for the past seven years her life had spiraled out of control and gone from being happy and content to depressive.  As a spiritual medium, I had to give her healing just to help her turn around or to help her understand what was going on in her life.  On Friday night at 2330, I went to her home with my friend Jackie Owen, my dog Hiken and my angel cards. It was not unusual to visit at this time of night – she was an insomniac and a lonely woman and was happy for the company.  I was not ready for what I experienced and to this day will never forget the visions that I saw.

Arriving at the house, I continued to enter the hallway with friend and dog following, immediately I felt a heaviness surrounding the place and felt several presences in the house.  I sat down to interview the woman and no sooner, a picture of an Ouija board flashed in my mind – this concerned me.  Not wanting to offend her, I told her what I had saw and that I had a feeling she was using an Ouija board to contact her deceased relatives. A tear ran down her cheek and she admitted that she had been using this for seven years - she felt she got some solace from it and played with the spirit children a lot.  I asked her to show me the board and after talking to her about the dangers of misuse – she was convinced and destroyed it.

I stood up to carry out a rite of clearance, to remove any negative energies or entities from the immediate area. I began to tune in to the energies and frequencies in the room, unusually my dog became agitated, then, aggressive looking to the left hand corner of the room and would not leave my side.  Two entities began to form; at first, all I could see was dark ruby eyes staring at me - the misty appearance of the attached bodies hovered just above the ground.  They did not like me interfering with their playground and consumed with fear, frozen to the spot - I began to cry.  I stood there staring for what seemed like hours and my ever-protective dog remained attached to my side – growling and snarling at nothing or so it would seem, I knew that he could see what I could see.  No one else in the room could see what was happening; they could only witness the strange acts of Hiken and feel the coldness of the atmosphere.  The entities became increasingly agitated; they moved towards me at great speed, split and tried to enter my aura from behind.  I remember letting out a cry to Archangel Michael and my guides.  The energy felt increasingly heavy on me and I felt tugging my auric field.  I then saw in front of me, a beautiful angel, it was the archangel Micheal and he and 3 more angels encircled me protecting with their light. The atmosphere began to change and the entities were removed from the area by the angelic forces.  Almost instantaneously, Hiken calmed down, he walked to the sofa, jumped up and lain down exhausted from the ordeal and still these heavenly beings filled me with light and unconditional love. Everyone felt the change and was amazed at the dog’s reaction.

I sat exhausted on the floor and immediately I felt the presence of an older man; he told me he had a shop and was her father.  He was a little upset because he knew his daughter found his passing traumatic. She had tried to use the device to contact him on the other side and as the energies that came through were dark and heavy – he could not make contact.  After beginning to use the board, her life spiraled downhill; she allowed the entities to influence her moods and every other facet of her life without realizing it.  I gave my subject compelling evidence of her father, her past and her fathers passing.  I am glad to say that 3 day’s later, she called to tell me that she had the best nights sleep she ever had in 7 years. She felt a weight lift from her and so her healing from all her past had begun, she vowed never again to play with an Ouija board.

All-night my angels surrounded me and took are of me; this I believe was my gift from heaven for being of service to a person in need, though I never need any form of payment.  It goes to show however, that demonic possession can occur in any part of your life though normally there is always an individual that becomes the catalyst for the possession.  The person can be a weak individual who is prone to depression, drug misuse, violence and other forms of negative behavior – a perfect home for a discarnate entity.  As with the Spiritual law of Attraction (like attracts like;, it draws the evil entity closer and the closer the entity gets, the easier it can feed and begin to influence the individual.  Before too long a possession can take place.  When the entity finally attaches itself to the chosen host, it creates untold havoc and can be the cause of severe depression – almost suicidal tendencies can unfold or murderous behavior.  If the spirit is allowed to remain, it will undoubtedly destroy the hosts life, much to the demonic spirits enjoyment.

In a small own in Wales in 2002, a young man named Christopher was experiencing some violent and strange happenings.  His bed violently shook in the middle of the night while he tried to sleep and he saw demonic entities staring at him from the end of his bed jeering and laughing uncontrollably.  He experienced more and more episodes of violence both outside and inside the home and claimed to hear voices, further; flashing lights appeared before the dark entities emerged.  On one occasion, Chris spoke aloud in tongues in a language that was unknown to him – it terrified him to the core of his being and after this final episode - he and his family called for help.  My wife Joanne (also an excellent medium) was contacted to examine these strange happenings; it was the first time she had ever faced a particular event that involved traveling in dimensions to face the dark side of the spirit realm.  While talking with Christopher, an entity made itself known in her presence. It was laughing and jeering at her, claiming that she had no power to rid it from this soul.  The entity toiled with her mind showing her that it had the power to throw her through the bedroom window, and that it would attack all her family.  Joanne was scared; she immediately called on God and the heavenly angels – especially Michael. The more she prayed and ordered the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus Christ and all that is holy, the more those words tore at the heart of the demonic being.  She knew that she had the power to exorcise the entity by the belief in God.  She also knew that she was a divine instrument for heavenly beings to use, to rid the person of this evil entity. After facing her enemy, she talked to Chris and told him the lifestyle he led was like an open door for the spirit to walk through. The anger he held had enticed the entity and allowed it to take root in his soul and he had to order it to leave too, he had to believe the demon had no power.  Joanne also became aware of a young man in spirit who had committed suicide.  He had not led a life that was conducive to spiritual growth – this was his friend who had passed to spirit.  The discarnate spirit attached himself to Chris and that allowed the entity to move in and have its fun.  Chris learned from his lesson and is now able to carry on with a normal life; he has three wonderful children, however, he still sleeps with a light on in his room for fear the demon may try again.

Once again, this is proof that possession in some form or another can happen and does not need to come out of the pen of a horror novelist.  This is real; it can happen to anyone no matter the belief in the religion the person follows.  The dangers of dabbling in the occult, is disastrous, especially if you do not know what you are doing.  It is a dangerous and perilous journey to take and remains possible that you as a being could be inviting the demon into your world without noticing the events taking place or indeed the risks to your soul.  Consideration of this cause can explain or indeed offer another theory for insanity.  While hearing the voices over and again, the victim is consumed by the presence of the entity, it is not long before the being is guiding the soul to commit evil odious acts.  During committing the murder, the murderer claims that he or she is not aware of what is going on.  Only later when everything is finished do they realize that - standing with blood on their hands – they have committed a murder and taken someone’s life.  Occasionally though, the individual is aware of what they are doing and knows that what they are doing is wrong – is that a case for demonic possession.  It most certainly is; the person concerned becomes controlled by the entity and yet he or she knows nothing of this. In short, he or she remains oblivious to an unnatural force that could attach and influence the mind beyond human understanding.

About the symptoms and plan of the murder, could it be possible then that a probable excuse would be that, the human did not carry out the murder – it was the demonic entity.  That would make the murderer - not a murderer but an accessory to the crime.  In a perfect world as with scientific movies; would it not be an ideal condition to capture the demon and hold it accountable for the atrocious crime. Yet in the real world, it remains a fact that you cannot prove the existence of something that cannot become aware of by physical sight.  If we can’t see it, it is humanistic to not believe it – though we do believe in the presence of God or other holy deity.  Why then can we not believe that evil exists and demons, personified in murders as well as physical acts of evil exist within the outer realms.

Insanity as far as I believe is tantamount to possession from an unnatural force manipulating the mind.  Psychologists would have you believe that, there is a medical reason for everything - an imbalance here or there. Secretly though, the same professionals will also admit to the possibility of the existence of evil as a supernatural being.  We are energy in motion; even though we manipulate other forms of energy to create an opinion, a cure or a system of understanding – it is nothing more than vibrating atoms moving at speeds we cannot grasp. Man did not believe that atoms existed until, it was successfully split in 1911 by a British scientist named Ernest Rutherford. If vibrating atoms vibrate at such a high-speed and we cannot see it, it does not mean that its not there.  Thus, the same is a probable thesis for demonic possession; this energy form exists and manipulates at will, the cases above in some form or another prove the existence of this force, seen or unseen.  Be strong and realize that you have the power in yourself to destroy any negative energy and therefore create once more a harmonious balance in life – a mirror image of divine essence.

How do you recognize possession? What do you do! That’s another story.

May 23, 2016 By Jock