Life is like a Candle, Let’s end suffering

Life is precious - small things are just that - small things and mean nothing. I write this as a tribute, in memory of a friend and colleagues brother who tragically passed a few days ago under … [Read more...]


The Seeds Of The Soul

When you plant a seed it is no longer is a seed! Everything starts from a seed of some description, whether it is the seed of a flower, the seed of man or the seed of a thought, everything starts from … [Read more...]


Be Mindful Today

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What life form is God?

Answer by Jock Brocas:Talk to me I asked god, where are you, who are you? He replied, I am here can't u hear me I am in everything. I speak through the birds, the trees, the water that u sit by, … [Read more...]


Does humanity need religion?

Answer by Jock Brocas: Religion is man made, it is an idealistic form of worship driven by man's desire to understand himself or his place. No one came to teach religion, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and … [Read more...]

What does Buddhism mean when they say life is an illusion?

Answer by Jock Brocas:What it boils down to is that you are a spirit having a human experience and not a human having a spirit experience, that life continues and what you merely witness in this human … [Read more...]


Spirituality and Meditation

This is a board all about modern spirituality and meditation practices View Board on Quora … [Read more...]

Psychic Investigations

Are psychics real? If they are, how can you recognize a true psychic from a fraud?

Answer by Jock Brocas: There is a great deal of difference between a psychic and a medium. The fact that evidence can be validated later if not known by the sitter and the sitter has to call for … [Read more...]

Find a Medium

How to find a Good Psychic Medium

  How to find a good psychic medium How do you find a good psychic medium when there is so much fraudulent people purporting to be mediums that either do not understand the reality of what … [Read more...]


My relationship has changed, What should i do?

Q. Hi, I encountered you on quora, I've been reading your posts for a while now and I am following you on quora.... It's a risk but I'll email you a question, maybe you don't want or don't … [Read more...]